Tips for new road cyclists to minimise trauma accidents and maximise health benefits  

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  (ii)        accepts no liability for any of the cycling tips contained herein which are provided to new cyclists with the best intentions.

  1.         Prologue 

  2.         First-up, get the correct size bike for you at the right price

  3.         Bike handling skills

  4.         Road surfaces

  5.         Obey all road traffic laws

  6.         Be Visible, Night and Day

  7.         Take the Road Least Travelled

  8.         Use hand signals when turning left, right or stopping

  9.         When you should take a lane?

10.         Road traffic disciplines, protocols and dangers

11.         Gearing to climb steep hills

12.         Learn how easy it is to -
*         adjust your gears;
*         correct a brake pad rubbing against a rim; and
*         true your wheels

               Doing your own bike maintenance is simple and satisfying

13.         Braking

14.         Cornering and steering

15.         Equipment, clothing and accessories - the Do's and Don'ts

16.         How to Click-in and Click out of SPD pedals

17.         Body strength and endurance

18.         Cycling in a pack or bunch - known as a Peloton

19.         An army marches on its stomach and a cyclist burns carbs and fluids! 

20.         Avoiding Cycling Injuries

21.         Report unsafe road conditions

22.         Pedalling Pointers

23.         Learning from other seasoned cyclists

24.         Social aspects of cycling

25.         Graduating to +100km Sunday rides in a few months  

26.         Implementing a training strategy               

27.         Duty of care and public liability

28.         Look after your pride and joy!!!

29.         Epilogue