Welsh Widget

Blushing Brenda, alias the Welsh Widget, from east of the Old Dart.  A pocket size dynamo who

¨         fires on the flats;

¨         hammers in the hills; and 

¨         and still finds the stamina to smile during the stops.

Widget, one of the original Sunday morn' crew who has completed several 200km Audax Alpine Classics and 150km Fitzs Challenges, often'd chronicled a post-ride rap-up for The Bullsheet, including a trademark poem - not an easy chore on a Sunday night after pushing pedals all Sunday and going gaspers at the Nosh Stops, when she isn't dispatching scones 'n jam to the breadbasket.

Back in '97 Widget 'came a cropper' at Amen Corner - the first dogleg left in the decent from North Turra' to Bobbin Head - same corner that PacificPete took a bad spill in '99 necessitating a plate 'n 2 pins in his hip.  Post-ride back at Turra' carpark, two fellow crew Silvia and Siggy didn't seem too troubled at Brenda's Bruise.

Brenda at Mt White - looking for an easy way home



One of the summits on a Berry ride


Ann aka ToothFairy and Brenda aka Welsh Widget circa early March 2024. They selected 'a backyard haunt' to have their photo snapped locally, wherever locally was?  With A.I. impact these days, they might have been sitting in the back of Brenda's jalopy.