Sean aka Smurf was either scratchin' his noggin or shy in front of the camera as he rolled out of a brief Sag Stop outside the Thai Restaurant Terrey Hills with Yamaha the Captain, and Smurf behind as the Stoker

T'was Smurf's initial outing with Muggs and probably a day he won't lightly forget, what with The Captain occasionally cranking his tandem up to the low 60km p/h as in the below pic.

Yamaha and Smurf going gangbusters out of West Head.  Yamaha had eyed Scribe from a far "with Canon in hand" ready to "snap".  Whereupon Pete really cranked his tandem up in the big down hill, so they was a throttlin' when the above Happy Snap was taken at the crest on the following uphill.  Notwithstanding having got into the low 60s, Pete was still able to give the cameraman the thumbs-up in this pic, with his eyes firmly on the road ahead. 








Bank Teller 'n Smurf practicing a few slow maneuvers at Springwood, whilst Tornado struggled to make The Teller's camera click



L to R clockwise - Deb, Smurf, John aka Auckland (cause he's a Kiwi) Pete aka Pacific, Gene aka KoalaBear, LongHaul, Barry aka Fiery ('cause he's a Fireman) Bank Teller, with two blooming petals up-front who both had taken a liking to ice-cream.