Another Ruddy Lawyer

Won't surprise many that lawyers usually struggle to make and retain friends.  This chap is no exception, 'cause not only does he cop the old lawyer jokes like:

    QUESTION:   What so you say to a lawyer up to his neck in concrete?

    ANSWER:      Another quart of concrete please.

But coupled with his 'seedy profession', Grahame isn't the handsome-est old dude on a treadley.  Or in fact, off one when his front teeth aren't 'in'.  On the other hand, if a senior chap passes you 'with gusto' whilst slogging up a steep hill, it could well be Grahame.

AnotherRuddyLawyer does have some redeeming qualities, as this "old cove" has been known to partake of a beer at the end of a hard day in the saddle, and rarely stops at one.  Furthermore, Grahame has a passion for good wine, both red and white, but mostly the former.  And is generous with his wine, ask at any ride camp that he has stayed in.

Grahame has an endless supply of anecdotes, tales retold in his own laconic way, with a dry voice seemingly cultivated at a cattle-station west of Bourke.  Yet he has always been a City Slicker - work that one out.

Is also prone to share his coffee beans at b'fast to "down 'n outs" like BankTeller who, in retirement, spends his days looking for 'arbitrage opportunities' at Vinnies, Salvos, Anglicare, Smith Family 'et al'.

AnotherRuddyLawyer does have one long term friend in Pete aka CampyAficinado, perhaps 'cause they share a lot in common .......................................... ................... and they both like cycling.  They go back 47 plus years, and haven’t tired of each other's company yet!  Both have always loved motor bikes, attending the noisy, smelly Motor Bike Speedway Races at Newcastle Stadium along with all the other highly educated/intelligent Petrolhead Aficionados. 

CampyAficinado and AnotherRuddyLawyer attended the same high school where Grahame was a few years behind, although you may struggle to understand that 'cause a lawyer's life can take its toll - a photo never lies.  The pair of 'lost souls' from Marist Brothers Eastwood are also partial to ‘shoot the breeze’  together; polite lingo for "talking bullshit!", when imbibing AfterDark.

Many regular Muggs riders may well ponder "Who is this dude?  I haven't seen him on Muggs' rides!"  

AnotherRuddyLawyer is an insecure chap who rides with a local group in the Inner West, generally heading south twds Bulli or into the RNP.  However, Grahame is a regular attendee on the annual "two base camp caravans" to N/E Victoria each March which PacificPete has been the primary organiser "for yonks".