In April 2005 a blind person, Sean Murphy, 42 of Mt Colah, e-mailed the "Contact Us" address in www.Muggaccinos.com.  Sean informed that he was blind and asked if someone would ride as Pilot if he purchased a tandem bicycle as he would like to participate in active sport with a recreational bicycle group.

Six months later, the ride organiser for www.Muggaccinos.com, Phil Johnston, had become an adept tandem Pilot cyclist having ridden 100km ave. Sunday rides with Sean aka Smurf on about a 15 occasions, as well as with 7 other blind cyclists who each have less that 1% vision:

(i)         Lindy Hou, early 40s of Beacon Hill, who cycles in the Australian Disabled Olympics team.

(ii)        Krystel Keller, 21 of Epping, whose first love is music and cannot commit to cycle regularly.

(iii)       Toby Sullivan, 21 of Beecroft, who is as keen as mustard, has strong legs and is a fearless tyro.

(iv)       David Fisher-Dobbin at Adcock Park Velodrome Gosford organised by Vision Australia.

(v)        Katie Butler at Adcock Park Velodrome Gosford organised by Vision Australia.

(vi)       Bronwyn Davies of Oatlands

(vii)      Susie Breuer, Marrickville, just getting into tandem cycling but has already cycled with 6 different Pilots.

None of the above seven blind cyclists who has cycled with Phil Johnston displayed any problems with balance.  All of the above seven blind cyclists thoroughly enjoyed tandem cycling.  Each was fearless and trusted their Pilot.

Phil has also spoken with three other blind people who enjoy riding tandems. 

Kate Paul, who lives at Wahroonga, heard about Adopt a Blind Cyclist from Guide Dogs Chatswood office.  Kate 'phoned Phil Johnston in late January and is keen to try out tandem road cycling.  Kate's father, Geoff Paul, informed that he purchased a tandem from Clarence Street Cyclery five years ago and is keen to get the dust off it and try cycling with Muggaccinos

Andrew Devenish-Meares aka RadioMan, who has very limited sight and lives at Armidale, found Adopt a Blind Cyclist webpage in Google.  Andrew has been cycling on a borrowed tandem for 4 months and loves the freedom and exhilaration tandem cycling offers.  The cyclist, Peter, who owns the tandem will be moving from Armidale in a few months.  Phil has spoken with Andrew and exchanged several e-mail.  Andrew would welcome any assistance towards the cost of a tandem, and a bicycle group to assist with Pilots

With the support of a prominent registered charity for the blind, Phil seeks to write to the Chancellor of University of Armidale (the largest employer in Armidale) extolling him to invite its employees to -

(I)         contribute between 50% and 70% of the cost of a tandem for Andrew (where donors receive a tax deduction); and

(II)        for the Armidale Cycling Club to adopt Andrew by various members riding as his Pilot and assisting him to and from weekend rides if required. 

Anthony Fowler of Blaxland also welcomes an opportunity to ride on the back of a tandem.  However, the high cost of a tandem and access to a road cycling group have impinged Anthony's opportunities thus far.