When these two pics were shot around July 2005, Scribe was a rookie at being a tandem pilot,
so Lindy spent most of the day yelling instructions and picking-up Phil's faux pass


Pete aka Yamaha and Lindy at Dunc Gray Velodrome circa Sept 2005

Janet Lindsay and Lindy competing at Paralympics World Cup

Slogging up Mt Panorama, Bathurst

With the Beijing Paralympics rapidly approaching this August, Lindy needs a few "Mules" to Pilot her tandem almost on a daily basis to keep her legs strong.  "Ipso facto" Lindy 'phoned up a "Donkey" and said, "Phil can you ride with me midweek?"  



As Lindy lives at Beacon Hill, Phil suggested the 50.5km Terrey Hills Fruit Barn to West Head and returning via Akuna Bay.  If anyone else would like to share the load by being another Pilot midweek, contact .  If you sign-up to help-out, make sure you can handle high speeds, 'cause Lindy doesn't back-off on the downhills.  The up-side is that she hammers just as hard up the slopes.