Radio Man


Andrew, who lives in the University town of Armidale NSW, is a recent convert to tandem cycling after a friend, Peter, invited Andrew to be his Stoker.


Andrew has a condition called Optic Atrophy (or Neuropathy). His optic nerve is degenerating.  Andrew has approx 3.5% vision, which is a combination of reduced field of vision and the quality within that field.  Quality varies from almost perfect, to not much.  The 'variable quality' is analogous to a badly tuned analogue television.  With 3.5% vision, Andrew is able to read e-mails, spreadsheets etc so long as the font is super large.

Radio Man is employed as the Assistant Manager of TUNE!FM, the student and youth based community broadcaster, located on the main campus of the University of New England in Armidale.  Andrew's duties include training, scheduling advertisements, and the maintenance of studios equipment, computers and the TUNE!FM web site.


Radio Man recently e-mailed Bank Teller after finding Adopt a Blind Cyclist using Google.  His Pilot, Pete, who owns the tandem is leaving Armidale in a few months.  Consequently, Andrew would welcome a -

*        company "adopting" him by contributing twds the cost of a tandem; and
*        a ride group sourcing a few Pilots to steer this Stoker around.

Scribe is hopeful that a registered charity for the blind will take carriage of Adopt a Blind Cyclist so that charity can write to the Chancellor of University of New England and ask him to encourage the employees and students to contribute twds say 75% ($3,000) of the cost of a high quality tandem, predicated upon each contributor receiving a tax deductible receipt.  Standing at 172cm or 5' 8", Andrew needs a XL/M frame size.


Scribe is confident that he can encourage a few cyclists from Armidale Cycle Club to share the Pilot duties so Andrew can continue to pursue his recent sporting challenge after his existing Pilot, Peter, leaves Armidale.