Marketing Muggs


Muggs' number continue to increase, but the relative representation by the fairer sex has dwindled. 

Road cycling is growing in popularity due to -

(i)         more cycle groups which offer a diversity of ride speeds and ride-time schedules;

(ii)        ride organisers know more low traffic ride routes to challenging places like Richmond, Kurrajong, Wisemans Ferry and Springwood; and

(iii)       high performance bicycles are cheaper due to -
            *        strengthening AUD$; and
            *        economies of scale from production in Asia. 

Alas, most of the increase in cyclists traffic is amongst the guys.  Bank Teller has embarked on a marketing drive targeting the roots of Muggaccinos.  He has recently approached the Public/Community Relations personnel at local hospitals.

The hospital personnel that The Teller has spoken have been supportive and undertaken to display a Muggs"NURSES WANTED" colour poster on the hospital's community notice boards.  Some hospitals have also agreed to link the above URL to their employee newssheets.  As an example, RNSH, where the seeds of Muggaccinos were germinated back in the mid-90s, has six notice boards.  Bank Teller posted 6 posters to his contact at RNSH.  Hopefully soon -
* will receive enquiry e-mails; or
Annie will field 'phone calls 0434 715.861 from interested medicos.

Shortly Bank Teller will approach sports clubs which have strong female participation ie Netball, Basketball and Hockey, as cycling is low impact cardio vascular training, and lots of fun.

If you know of other large employer groups, let Bank Teller know to also approach them, 'cause it is incumbent upon all of us to inform, particularly the femme ones, of the benefits of road cycling to the many non-denominational parishes at the tops of hills that Muggs' visit on Sunday mornings - when lots of motorists are still in their churches.

If you know of any medicos who are familiar with a hospital notice board at their place of employ, it is easy to print the Word version of "NURSES WANTED".

If you want to score brownie points with Muggs' Machos, read the htm file "WOMEN WANTED" and print the Word version "WOMEN WANTED" on a colour printer, and pin it on your office notice board.  If you work in a high rise, there is probably a notice board on every floor.  Visit each floor as though you own the joint.  And if you can't find a notice board, ask someone in an officious tone.  If a floor doesn't have one, complain.  You are performing a civic duty as cycling -
*        is lots of fun;

*        gives the pump and wind bags a healthy work-out;

*        strengthens your rubber bands and keeps those tent poles aligned;

flush out the plumbing; and
*        hones your grey matter,
'cause it is unwise to leave the brain at home on battery recharge and play follow-the-leader.

If you prefer to display a flyer in your office, factory or prison dorm' which targets both sexes, e-mail the htm file "CYCLISTS WANTED" or Print Word version "CYCLISTS WANTED" and pin it up.

If you want a poster which relies on casual empiricism based on gender representation in ride packs, e-mail the htm file Cycling is a Sheila's sport and Print/Pin the Word version Cycling is a Sheila's sport on your office notice board.

Muggs' conducts a annual Cinderella Century ride to encourage more women to cycle on lower traffic routes on Sundays.  Bank Teller will ensure Roses delivers a dozen, long stem, red roses are delivered within 3 days to each female who completes her maiden ride Cinderella Century from Nth Turra to Mt White 'n back - approx 100km.

Summary of Posters for you to e-mail the HTM file or Print/Pin the Word file to your Notice Board:



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