Help re-align the Male / Female gender imbalance in a bicycle group which 4 nurses from RNSH started in the mid-‘90s. 

Check out above website, in particular "Warm ‘n Fuzzy Stuff" and e-mail or ‘phone Annie 0417 214.279.

Each Sunday morn’ a dozen or so cyclists ride a different published route from Nth Turramurra, Hornsby or St Ives to cafés on Sydney’s satellite outposts eg Galston, Mt White, Palm Beach, Windsor, Springwood. provides weekly Bullsheets which note –

(a)           Ride Descriptions of pending Sunday rides; and

(b)           an anecdotal / comical post-ride “rap-up” of previous Sunday’s ride.


Muggaccinos arranges a few cycle weekends away each year, with a 60/90km bike ride each day and much merriment and mirth after dark:

(i)             Tour de Macarthur

(ii)            Linger ‘n Die

(iii)           El Tour de Bundanoon

(iv)           Tour de Berry Bash

(v)            Tour de Wiseman’s Ferry

(vi)           Tour de Wangi Wangi

Ride with Muggaccinos explains that participants need to be familiar with cycling on public roads to join a Muggs’ Sunday ride.  We can direct you to a few “starter” bicycle groups if you are a rookieMuggs of the male persuasion will help a damsel in distress

The only cost to ride is what you stick down your throat at the multitude of cafés that we visit each Sunday.  However, you will need a bike of 2nd hand value $500 or more because an “old clunker” can be hard work.

Risk Warnings:

 (i)        Road cycling can be dangerous.  Liability Acknowledgement explains our Duty of Care to each other.  Muggaccinos’ programme of 36 different Sunday bike rides are on lower traffic roads - Old Pacific Highway and linked arteries when some motorists are still in church.

(ii)       Currently almost 80% of participants on Muggs’ rides are males.

Enlist now with the lively lycra lot.