W'ends away in 2006

'n more
of the same




Ride w'end label



1st Wed 18 Jan Monday 23 Jan 2006 Tour de Victorian Alps
5 days in Bright Vic. cycling
all the marvelous mountains
Bright Caravan Park 5
2nd Sat 12 March Sun 13 March Loop the Lake Wangi Wangi Hotel 2
3rd  Saturday 22 April ANZAC Day
Tues 25 April
4th Linger 'n Die
ANZAC long w'end

B & Bs at Wollombi

Hotel and B & Bs at Paterson
The Bay Hotel/Motel at Morisset
or camp at all three towns

4th Saturday 10 June Monday 12 June Tour de Jamberoo
Queens Birthday long w'end
Jamberoo Hotel 2
5th Saturday 9 Sept  Sunday 10 Sept. Tour de Warragamba Dam
Muggs' Rain Dance
Hotel in Windsor 2
6th Wed 15 November Sun 19 November 3rd Berry King of the Mountain Challenge
optional annual Bong Bong Picnic Races
Camping at Berry Showground 5

The above pic, taken on inaugural Cinderella Century to/from Mt White, from the northern end of the Old Hawkesbury Bridge. Lots of low cloud hovering over the rail line bridge which leads (on RHS) to Hawkesbury River station. 
Seemingly, picturesque Brooklyn Pier may have resembled London's Waterloo Bridge during a pea-souper.




Above 'n below pics of Berowra Valley on an unusually foggy morn' - 23 July 06