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Tour de Jamberoo - Sat, 10 June to Monday 12 June '06 - Queen's Birthday Long W'end 

Staying at Jamberoo Hotel, 12 Allowrie St. Jamberoo (02) 4236.0270 - small and charming village only 113 km south of Sydney via the Princes Highway (7 km SW Kiama) - lush, green dairy pastures surrounded by towering escarpments offering 4 KOM Climbs.  Our two rides over the w'end tackle three of them omitting the toughest, Jamberoo Pass, for another visit.

Most cyclists will leave Sydney by 5pm Friday night for 2 hr drive in time for team dinner at the Jamberoo Hotel, which is is only 90 mins drive from Sydney Harbour Bridge early on Sat. morn.  If anyone needs a lift or a pick-up from Kiama station, e-mail ScribePJ@bigpond.com

Publican will attest that Jamberoo Hotel has
"true pub character".  It generally has a country and western duet singing on the Friday night, with Pat Drummond the regular entertainer at former Rest Hotel Milsons Point circa 90s, is a recent performer.

9 rooms comprising:

3 rooms with 2 single beds            $65 p/n = $32.50 p/h

1 room with 1 double bed               $65 p/n = $32.50 p/h

1 room with 1 single bed                $35 p/n = $35 p/h

2 rooms 1 double bed + 1 single     $75 p/n = $25 p/h

2 rooms 1 double + 2 singles         $85 p/n = $21.25 p/h

9 room accommodate 23 people in toto

Other available accommodation:

*  Saleyard Motel, Allowrie St Jamberoo 4236.0270
*  Gundarimba Guesthouse
45 Allowrie St Jamberoo 4236.0228

Enlarge  Jamberoo Pub, Jamberoo,  NSW


Friday night - Dinner in Jamberoo Hotel

Saturday ride offers 3 distance options:

*    118.5km with 2 KOM Climbs (Macquarie Pass, Fountaindale Rd to Saddleback Mtn Reserve).

*    81.3km if you omit the 2nd Leg, namely the Kangaloon Rd/Tourist Rd clockwise loop, and head straight to 2nd KOM Climb which is Fountaindale Rd to Saddleback Mtn.

*    60.1km if you also omit the 3rd Leg which is the Fountaindale Rd (from Jamberoo) to Saddleback Mtn Reserve KOM Climb, by returning directly to the Jamberoo Hotel.

Click on Sat & Sunday Jamberoo rides.xls for Saturday & Sunday ride routes.

Saturday night  7pm dinner Elise Pascoe International Cooking School 174 Cloverhill Rd Jamberoo 4236.1666.

Sunday ride a mere 38km with 1 KOM Climb - Saddleback Mountain Rd (from Kiama) to Saddleback Mtn

Sunday arvo - drive 2 hrs back to Sydney.

Click on Walkabout Jamberoo for tourist info on you beaut places to visit in/around Jamberoo.