The Bullsheet            10th Berry KOM Challenge invitation 

1.    BOM says for Sydney:   Wet w'end forecast - recommend you defer arrival 'til Monday/Tues. or following w'end

      Australian Meteorology says for Berry NSW:   High chance of some rain from Sat. to Wed.  [Similar weather forecast for both Sydney & Berry]

2.    Risk Warning: On a wet road, rear wheels can slip on steep uphills if you get-out-of-the-saddle - descending slowly well away from other cyclists is paramount

3.    We should be able to extend the final date of Sunday, 17th Nov, for two or three days, if you want to, provided there is not an influx of Grey Nomads, whereupon there may not be sufficient room.

4.    Sat's ride (9th Nov) has been brought fwd to 9am rollout, as a Southerly is forecast for midday.

*   State Rail has trackwork on South Coast line 'til last 2 days - we will have to drive to Kiama and Albion Park, or try the replacement buses which might be more frequent and 'bicycle friendly' 

*   Below ride schedule can be amended, provided we achieve consensus and all affected riders are 'in the loop'

NB:  Bank Teller's  Checklist for Berry    Click on pointer on map to display 7 day weather forecast for nearby Nowra     Angus' anthem of Phil

10th annual King of the Mountain Challenge in Illawarra & Southern Highlands - Saturday 9th Nov '13 to mid-arvo Sunday 17th Nov '13  -  9 ride days 

This year's Indicative Attendance Schedule lists 36 cyclists (from 46) to date who have provided a probability of attending on particular days, subject to fine weather and no 11th hour catastrophe. 

Muggaccinos cyclists invite you to the 10th annual King of the Mountain Challenge with nearly everyone again camping at the verdant, bucolic Berry Showground which adjoins the 20 yards Berry Swimming Pool

Camping fees at the Berry Showground are again $8 p/h p/n and $11 p/h p/n for a Powered Site if you have a mobile home/caravan.  No bookings req'd. It doesn't cost you anything if you have to bail-out at the 11th hour.  

All attendees will pay the Caretakers (Tony & Vicki) their camping fees within 4 hours of arriving. If you are unsure of how many nights you intend to camp, then pay up until your earliest departure date, and pay later for any extra days if you stay longer.  Make sure you don't drive back to Sydney not having paid for all you days, 'cause the camp ground caretakers, Vicki/Tony, have access to Indicative Attendance Schedule which I will again update over the 9 ride days.  

Scribe will separately collect $2 from each attendee who wishes to charge their 'phone or computer and pass-on to our Caretakers.

Cycle up to nine 65km approx Hilly Day Rides (Sat. to Sunday inclusive) in the Mecca of scenic cycling country, the Southern Highlands, which include all 12 KOM Climbs in the Illawarra Climb RegionCyclists are encouraged to log a Climb Time at Each scheduled day ride heads Westish up the escarpment/mountains

On five of the nine mornings we can catch a bus train, or drive, from Berry to nearby -




*        Sun 10th. - Albion Park to climb Macquarie Pass and Fountaindale Rd to Saddleback Mtn

*        Tues 12th. - Kiama station to climb Jerrara Mtn and Saddleback Mountain Rd;

*        Thurs 14th. - Albion Park station to climb Macquarie Pass, SWW to descent from Fitzroy Falls and Climb Berry Mtn; and

*        Fri 15th,-  Bomaderry to climb Cambewarra Mountain from both sides, and also up to the pristine Cambewarra Mountain Lookout Cafe

*        Sat 16th. - Kiama station to climb Albion Park station to climb Saddleback Mountain up Saddleback Mountain Rd and Jamberoo Pass

If you aren't up to serious climbing, shorter / flatter routes are available from Berry:

*        East quiet countryside to Seven Mile Beach's National Park, picnic area and surf and return - 16km

*        Bomaderry via Sth down Wharf Rd, Ahead into Coolangatta Rd, R into Bryce's Rd, R into Back Forest Rd, R into Bolong Rd to Bomaderry and retrace - 44.4km

*        picturesque Gerroa Beach - a few flat kms away. 

*        rustic Gerringong and Shoalhaven Heads.




Routes & Maps



  Day 1


9th 9am climb Berry Mountain to Kangaroo Valley, climb Woodhill Mountain descend to Berry 2 47.1
Day 2


10th 8:37am train from Berry arriving Albion Park 9:26am, climb Macquarie Pass to Robertson Pie Shop, descend Jamberoo Pass, climb Fountaindale Rd to Saddleback Mtn, descend Saddleback Mtn Rd to Kiama station for train to Berry



  Day 3


11th 9am climb Woodhill Mountain descend via Wattamolla Rd to Kangaroo Valley, climb Cambewarra from Kangaroo Valley, descend to Bomaderry, then Back Forest Rd 2 64.5

  Day 4

Tues 12th Catch 8:06 Berry train arriving Kiama 8:24am. Climb tiny Jerrara Mtn, then sheer Saddleback Mtn up Fountaindale Rd, tour flatlands of Sth Kiama and Gerringong. Catch return train from Gerringong back to Berry  NEW ROUTE 2 72.7

  Day 5



8:15am Start Berry Showground, climb Berry Mountain to Kangaroo Valley, climb Barrengarry Mtn to Fitzroy Falls, climb Berry Mountain to Berry



  Day 6


14th 8:06am train from Berry arriving Albion Park 8:55am, climb Macquarie Pass to Old Cheese Factory, Robertson.  SWW to Fitzroy Falls. 
SE down Moss Vale Rd to Kangaroo Valley.  Climb Berry Mtn



Day 7  Fri 15th

7:45am cycle 17km down main drag to Bomaderry for coffee at cafe outside train station or catch 8:47am train arriving Bomaderry 8:57am, climb Cambewarra Mtn to Kangaroo Valley, climb Cambewarra Mtn from Kangaroo Valley, return Tourist Rd to Berry



  Day 8



Drive to Kiama or catch 8:37am train from Berry arriving Kiama at 9:00am. Climb Saddleback Mtn Rd to entrance, then to Lookout, descend Fountaindale Rd, climb Jamberoo Pass to Plateau, then up to the Famous Robertson Pie Shop, descend Macq Pass to Albion Park station



  Day 9



8:30am climb Berry Mtn, Tourist Rd, The Lookout Tea Rooms.  Descend to Bombaderry, Back Forest Rd to Berry





Train timetables for South Coast:
a)       in case anyone wants to catch a train from/to Sydney and Berry, and
(b)       on 3 of the days we catch a train from Berry to commence from Albion Park Rail, Kiama and Bomaderry.  Due to the local train being only 2 carriages, we will drive a few cars with bike racks to those train stations, and catch the trains back there after the rides to pick-up their cars.

Our camp ground is 200m from train station.  Trains take 3 hours from Central Railway to Berry station and cost $4.70 single fare.

Click on:  Mon to Fri where trains depart Central at 7:57am, 9:27am, 11:28am, 12:28pm and 1:28pm arriving Berry station approx 3½ hours later

Saturday morn' - Depart Central station at 6:40am arriving Kiama station 9:13am (just in time for 9:18am train coming from Berry)

Sat & Sun -   Berry station to Central station             

                    Berry station 1:40pm to Central Railway station 4:57pm Berry station 4:58pm to Central Railway station 7:58pm

Accommodation in Berry if you don't want to camp at quaint Berry Showground or the weather turns nasty

Directions to Berry and camping at Berry Showground

Meals at night for an array of fine restaurants befitting the quaint Berry township - toast of the Southern Highlands

Pics taken at first three annual Berry KOM Challenges

Pacific Pete's movie of Fri 17-18th Nov 2006 Berry "King of the Mountain" Challenge produced by Peter Tyson

Scribe's rap-up and pics from 4th Berry "King of the Mountain Challenge Series"  -  21 Climbers over 7 glorious days

Pete's pics of 2009 KOM Challenge

Pete's 2009 Berry KOM movie

Bank Teller's pics of Berry 2009

2010 7th Berry KOM Challenge pics

2011  8th Berry KOM Challenge pics

2012  9th Berry KOM ride pics as well as pics of three dodgy road sections (550m 'in toto') that Bank Teller is asking Shoalhaven Council to resurface

2013  10th Berry KOM rides, pleasantries, cemetery and 'potholes' pics

Download below poster for Berry KOM Challenge and invite your bike shop to display it, because more good road cycling "product", such as this annual 7 day assault on all the marvelous mountains in the Southern Highlands and Kiama, will induce more people to road cycling the best concentration of serious climbs in NSW:


*        Word version


*        HTM version


Risk Warning:  King of the Mountain Challenge is targeted at road cyclists who have climbed lots of hills.  The ride schedule between Sat. to Sunday week entails climbing and descending 11 marvellous KOM Climbs.  Take the descents slowly, even if the cyclist ahead is ripping down the mountain.   One badly taken corner in concert with a motorist coming up the other way, could result in a bad accident...............for you, where they may need paint scrappers and blotters to get you back up.  The challenge is in the climb, not the descent.

Cinque Montagnes rap-up  -  94km - 11 cyclists (Bazza turned up later)

Above three pics from a smoky Andy's Cafe, Nth Galston

Above three pics at a 'hazy/dusty' Berowra Waters ferry

Two erstwhile Muggs, Grant aka BeanCounter and Martin aka Architect, at Berowra Sag Stop

Above three pics at the Berowra Sag Stop after scaling from the ferry, with Chris aka RecalcitrantBankTeller centre stage above

Above two pics at PitS - 2nd Nosh Stop

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