Vimiera Rd Marsfield to Homebush Bay   

8:50am Tues 21 Jan '14 from top Vimiera Rd Marsfield south passing Eastwood station, Deniston, left around Ryde-Eastwood RSL, cross Parramatta Rd, pass Meadowbank TAFE, cross Parramatta River on John Witton Bridge railway bridge, make two hard left turns passing Rhodes railway station on Homebush Bay side, enter cycling/walking track adjacent to Parramatta River, follow signs to Homebush Bay 

The Whippet, Peter aka Another BeanCounter, Leigh Gibbens, Harry aka KayakMan, PacificPete and Bank Teller have indicated they are likely starters for if a fine morning. Although if PacificPete gets a work booking he may have to attend it, cause those jobs pay some bills.

passing Rhodes rail station