Melbourne Cup races are a spectacle when a "tear-away" sets an early pace.  Muggs' rides, with Whippet setting a whirlwind pace as HeadScout, ain't no different – with the rest of the crew playing “catch-up when they’d prefer a leisurely amble.  When climbing hills, the Anexoric Greyhound's "rat-trap" mind, penchant for hammering out-of-the-saddle and steely resolve, enables him to stay focused and shut-out "mere human" distractions such as "my quads are hurting like hell!"



Whippet turned in an awesome performance 10:22m over the arduous 150km Fitz's Challenge circa '01, with the likes of The Whiz and Ardent Andrew in hot pursuit, until Brian took a pit-stop at Cotter Dam.


Whippet counters a tough challenge by feeding-off mental vibes putting a positive spin such as “but he's hurting just as much".  Indubitably, Brian scorns indulgence and excess, in steadfastly refusing to stray from “the zone”, another “The ZenMan”.  Fortunately, Whippet displays some human traits, losing a little sting in the 2nd hundred clicks of a long day's ride.  If HeadScout ever learns to pace himself, watch out!