Hazards To Bunch Riders or Hazards on Bunch Rides fall into two categories:

  1.   Known Hazards such as a drainage grid, a rough road section or a greasy corner.

  2.   Unknown Hazards such as -

            *          traffic lights turning amber/red,

            *          a parked car ahead, and worse still if a door opens

            *          a pedestrian crossing the road,

            *          roadworks,

            *          broken glass,

            *          a fresh pothole often following heavy recent rain, preferably not on a descent.


The RTA Hazard perception handbook notes that "A hazard is any possible danger that might lead to an accident."

Comments By Seasoned Bunch Riders establish that the size of Bunch Rides need to be limited to where the 'two lead riders' are able to alert all Bunch Riders of all 'Unknown Hazards', in particular to  -

a)         safely pull up the entire Bunch Ride for traffic lights turning amber/red; and

b)         avoid a fresh pothole following heavy recent rain, more difficult when descending.


Re b) above, read 'Pitt Town Pain (train)" in item 6 at Comments By Seasoned Bunch Riders which experienced 6 falls on one Bunch Ride after heavy recent rain leaving fresh potholes.  Two of the six riders required ambulance transport to Emergency Depts.