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  3. Bunch riding in Centennial Park Sydney restricts cyclists to 'no more than 16 in a bunch' and 'not riding less than 3 metres (just under two bicycle lengths) from the rear wheel of the bicycle ahead'

  4. Cycling Tasmania's 'Code of Conduct for Cyclists' says that "Bunches should be limited to a maximum of 20 riders.  Being stuck behind a big bunch is not good for relations between cyclists and drivers. Tails of bunches must not “run” traffic lights - it is both illegal and dangerous.  In very large bunches, warning signals don’t get telegraphed all the way down the line meaning those at the rear don’t see hazards, often resulting in crashes and falls."

  5. Bunch Riding is illegal under New Zealand road rules unless cyclists are participating in council-approved cycle events that allow cyclists to closely follow one another, but hazards need to be pointed out to cyclists behind.

  6. "Peloton Cycles Weekly News Report" to its bunch riders following "6 crashes" on a 'Pitt Town Pain' bunch ride, with two cyclists collected by ambulances

  7. Bunch Riders have a legal responsibility to other riders in the Bunch Ride