Bunch Riders have a legal responsibility to other riders in the Bunch Ride to warn of the Three Types Of Risks, in particular the Obvious Risks of Hazards To Bunch Riders, as set out in Bunch Ride Etiquette

Bunch Ride Etiquette provides URLs to various website for Bunch Rides which inform that Bunch Riders have a legal responsibility to other riders in the Bunch Ride, as evident below:

*          The two riders on the front have a huge responsibility. They must set the pace, call all road obstacles and warn the bunch of any traffic changes.

*          The riders on the back also have a huge responsibility, particularly the rider on the right hand (outside) side. This person must call the bunch across lanes or warn of trucks, cars etc that are approaching when on narrow and/or single lane roads.

*          When crossing over lanes the call is either “wait” or “over”. It is important that the instruction is relayed up the line and when crossing over the bunch moves as one and does not fragment. The rider on the outside rear must maintain a distinct hand signal until the maneuvre is completed.

*         On a narrow single lane road the last rider must warn of cars behind. A call of “car up” is a simple call that all should understand.


*         Avoiding holes, rubbish, obstacles, other riders etc.

           If you are following the wheel properly and the riders in front have identified an obstacle and given advanced warning then nasty incidents should be avoided. However, we as a Club continue to come to grief. This I believe is due to the following reasons:

  • We generally do not ride as a bunch until weekends, therefore when we get together the ride becomes a talkfest, with riders more concerned with the local gossip and news rather than a disciplined training ride. All riders should be more aware in a bunch situation and less inclined to socialise. If you do wish to talk to your partner, speak, but continue to face the front down the line.

*          Point out obstacles
Point out obstacles such as parked cars, loose gravel, broken glass, holes, rocks or debris on the road, calling out “hole” etc as well as pointing is helpful in case someone is not looking at your hand when you point.  It is just as important to pass the message on, not just letting those close to the front know.

*         Call out” Hazards (left/right/middle) such as potholes, sticks, glass, etc as soon as you see them

*         The “last wheel” should look for following traffic and call “clear” or “over” for lane changes, then relay the call.