Are the Emergency Depts and Spinal Wards at our state run hospitals in close proximity to popular road cycling areas being inundated with Avoidable Trauma Bicycle Accidents?

Chapter 12 notes that Two current research studies of road bicycle accidents mention separate bicycle accident studies presently being conducted by Monash Uni and UNSW. 

There seems to be sufficient evidence that Sandringham Hospital (near Beach Road) has evidenced a material increase in the number of Avoidable Trauma Bicycle Accidents (a cyclist hitting another cyclist/s) in line with increased Bunch Rides along Beach Road. 

DR JAMES TAYLOR, SANDRINGHAM HOSPITAL (near Beach Rd):  It might be something simple like a broken arm, broken wrist, shoulder injury or a head injury. Some of them are more serious and require hospital admission, some have required operations. But it is a growing concern to us, the number of patients that we see here, the number of cyclists that attend, and it's been largely a hidden problem up until the last two or three years. We're now becoming more aware of it because of the increase in numbers, and it is a real safety issue to the community.

Any anecdotal evidence from RNSH, Hornsby Hospital, Concord or Sutherland Hospital concerning any trends in bicycle accident sufferers presenting at EDs, or being admitted into spinal wards, would be useful.

Following an earlier brief 'phone chat with John Agl_nd at NSW Health - Statistics, the Writer emailed John Agl_nd on 19 July '12 asking if he could ascertain if there had been any trends re bicycle related accidents appearing at Emergency Departments in Hornsby, RNSH, Concord or Sutherland hospitals which are all close to where road cyclists.  John responded that he would have to seek some advice re this request.