Two current research studies of road bicycle accidents

  • Due to enormous Bunch Riding on Beach Road near Melbourne, particularly on weekends, nearby Sandringham Hospital evidences a high frequency of bicycle trauma accidents.  Bayside bike crashes to be central to study reports that Sandringham Hospital emergency physician, Paul Biegler, is hopeful that Monash University Accident Research Centre and The Alfred Hospital's "Sandringham Bicycle Collision Study" might reduce them. 
    On 9 June '11, Dr. James Taylor reported that:

     88 interviews completed;

     17 further interviews planned; and

     210 interviews unsuccessful (declined).

           " was hoped to complete 200 interviews (relating to actual crashes along Beach Rd) before the end of the year."



    On 22 March 2012, Dr Paul Biegler presented preliminary findings:

       159 participants were interviewed as part of the study between Oct. 2010 and Oct. 2011

       72% of people interviewed were males

       61% ride more than 3 times per week

       59% of crashes occurred at 20km or less

       40% of trips were less than 10km

       90% of riders were wearing a helmet

       42% of cyclists in crashes had helmet damage

       94% of crashes occurred on roads with a speed limit of 60kph or less

       18% of crashes occurred in bunch riding

       39 cyclist crashes with motor vehicles (this includes 10 car doorings)
    Alas, thus far, no statistics of the frequency of bicycles striking other bicycles per weekend on Beach Rd, which should be a primary consideration when investigating bicycle accidents by
    Bunch Riders.