Another group's Risk Warnings

Another cycle group's "Risk Warning and Liability Acknowledgement"

In Jan 2004, Scribe was contacted by a representative of Billy’s Bush Runners Incorporated which has been a long standing running and cycle club located in the Sutherland Shire, formed yonks ago by the much loved jogger Billy Bush. 

The representative, Paul, explained that in this litigious age, Billy's organizing committee for its week long annual bike ride sought to mitigate risk as that ride attracts approx 80 participants which ride daily in three separate Pelton's according to speed.

I was asked if Billy's could utilise the Risk Warning and Liability Acknowledgement from as Billy's ride committee sought to have every participant sign a similar form prior to their pending annual bike ride. 


Naturally I consented whereupon Billy’s Bush Runners Incorporated drafted its Risk Warning and Liability Acknowledgement which is not dissimilar to the Risk Warning and  Liability Acknowledgement in this site, although, Scribe gleaned, Billy's deploys more conservative lingo than:
I am aware many hills Muggs ride down require excessive braking, and some Muggs may go Scary Fast  down 'em.  And that an unsolicited puncture, could necessitate paint scrapers 'n blotters to help put Humpty Dumpty back together again.  Hence, on downhills please err on the side of prudence, as it may help ya keep the rubber side down, and your own bones unbroked.  Breaking before a corner, rather than at it, has avoided many a painful fall in the past."

Paul from Billy's e-mailed Scribe on Sun 21 March '04 informing that 86 participated in Billy's 2004 Tour of Dubbo and Mudgee, including 4 solicitors and barristers.

Scribe    9 Oct '04