Incorporation No. Y10518-02 (06/07/1990)




As a participant in this recreational activity, you may be exposing yourself to a risk of harm.  Billy’s Bush Runners Incorporated (Bushies) and the Committee warn you of the risks and hazards that are an inherent part of cycling, and to take care to prevent putting yourself, your fellow participants and/or others into danger.  By signing this form, you agree to ride in a safe and responsible manner and to obey all Australian Road Rules.


Liability Acknowledgment


Cycling with Billy’s Bush Runners Incorporated (Bushies) is predicated upon, 'inter alia',  signing this Bushies' "Liability Acknowledgment" form annually.

Duty of care:

(i)         I understand that the Committee has a duty of care to the Participants to -

(a)        plan and detail safe rides; and

(b)        inform Participants of any apparent dangerous road sections.

(ii)        I am aware the Committee ostensibly discharges that duty of care by publishing a comprehensive Ride Description for each days ride, which -

            (a)        notes any apparent dangerous road sections; and

(b)        requests Participants to ride in single file where necessary and to get off the road at rest stops.

(iii)       I accept that it is incumbent upon each Participant to read the Ride Description and make any further enquiries before commencing a Bushies ride by -

(a)        reviewing the map supplied, or

(b)        asking the Committee or Pack Captain.

(iv)       I accept that each Participant has a duty of care to the Committee, their Pack Captain and to other Participants, to -

(a)        be familiar with the Ride Description; and

(b)        not knowingly lead another Participant(s) on an alternate ride section that might, in the event of an accident, be deemed by an insurer to have been unnecessarily dangerous.

(v)        I appreciate that if a Participant(s) on a Bushies ride alters the Ride Description in either of the following ways, and another Participant(s) suffers a serious injury, the injured Participant(s) might -

(a)        allege that negligence or misconduct, by those Participant(s) who did not follow the Ride Description, contributed to their injuries; and

(b)        litigate for damages for :

(i)         halting the group for an unscheduled Rest Stop, whereupon a car strikes a cyclist at that Rest Stop, or

(ii)        altering the advertised Ride Description, where such alteration is considered by the injured Participant(s) to have been unnecessarily dangerous.

(vi)       I understand due to hot or wet weather the Ride Description might be changed in which case the Committee or Pack Captain -

(a)        will make reasonable efforts to canvas a majority view before changing the Ride Description; and

(b)        will not knowingly abandon a Participant due to a route change.

(vii)              I accept that the Committee or Pack Captain might make immaterial changes to the Ride Description which do not change the intended destination.

Participant is a Volunteer: 

(viii)      I choose to ride with Bushies voluntarily and I am responsible for my own safety and other participants whilst participating on Bushies rides.

(ix)       I acknowledge that I cannot hold the Committee responsible for any injury that I may incur as a result of a Bushies ride, unless I believe it was due to the Committee’s gross negligence or wilful misconduct.

Cycling protocols:

(x)        I –

(a)        accept that cycling two abreast on single lane roads is often risky;

(b)        will get well off the road at Rest Stops;

(c)        will ride with care and consideration for other Participants and I will be conscious not to cut-in on or cut-off a fellow Participant;

(d)        will endeavour to give a metre clearance when I overtake a fellow Participant;

(e)        will call-out to warn an up-coming Participant, if I am passing on the LHS, or I need to push-in;

(f)         will not cycle over a wooden bridge (with timber joists running down the length of the bridge) which I am unfamiliar with, unless first checking that the gaps between the joists are less than my tyre width;

(g)        will retreat to a safe location prior to changing a flat tyre;

(h)        will endeavour to inform my Pack Captain if I am not completing the scheduled ride;

(i)         am aware that the same traffic penalties that apply to a motorist which breaks a road rule, may equally be levied upon a cyclist; and

(j)         am aware that wearing an Australian standards approved helmet is a road rule in Australia and I will wear a helmet at all times on a Bushies organised ride

(xi)       I am responsible for -

(a)        my helmet and my bicycle being in sound working order;

(b)        carrying a pump and two spare tubes; and

(c)        knowing how to change a tyre.

(xii)      I appreciate that due to dehydration from strenuous activity that Bushies should not consume alcohol until after a Bushies ride is terminated.

(xiii)      I have cycled in rides over 50km and am aware of the hazards of cycling on public roads used by cars and have sufficient competence to participate in Bushies pack rides.

(xiv)     I am aware many hills Bushies ride down require excessive braking, and I will exercise due care in the protection of myself and other Participants. 

(xv)            I am aware that climbing steep, long hills can be particularly strenuous and care should be exercised to ride within my limits.

(xvi)           Parents must accompany and be responsible for their minors on all Bushies rides.

3rd Party Public Liability Insurance Coverage:

(xvi)     I will join Bicycle NSW, or take-out other comparable 3rd party public liability insurance cover, prior to riding with Bushies on this tour.

Personal injury insurance coverage:

(xvii)     I will take out personal injury insurance if I am concerned regarding possible loss of income due to a cycling injury.



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      Bicycle New South Wales

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Other Public Liability Insurance Cover:


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Please supply a photocopy of either your Membership Receipt or Bicycle New South Wales membership card when returning this document, signed.