Jan & Paul, who migrated from the Old Dart  5 years ago, hail from Berowra and are in close proximity to The Kaiser & Sarah at Mt. Ku'ring'gai and Adam and Ann-Marie at Hornsby.  Paul shares something with Samurai, Auckland and Richard as they all paddle kayaks. 


Jan & Paul admit to enjoying a glass of Vino after a hard day in the saddle, and were keen to join 4th Linger 'n Die to the Upper Hunter this Sept, but Scribe pulled-the-pin on it as only 5 had committed by end-Aug, because with 3 nights in different towns, bookings had to be locked-in weeks ahead.  And no one had offered a support vehicle, albeit users would contribute $70 twds gas and wear 'n tear.



However, by using the quaint south coast township of Berry as Base Camp for the 4th King of the Mountain Challenge in mid-Nov, 22 have already given an attendance commitment.  So TwoPoms should be in good company at the many delightful restaurantÚs and cafÚs in Berry where teetotalers amongst Muggs are as extinct as the Tasmanian Tiger.

Two pics from Akuna Bay on Jan & Paul's inaugural Muggs ride