Another crew who often rides an Old Clunker, but we ain't got no complaints, 'cause this chap has got speed to burn.  


Muggs contingent includes a few good downhill cornerers, who know how to pick the angles and wrap 'emselves into a corner.   However, shortly after NoPlay began riding with Muggs, Teller noticed that NoPlay looked as good as any of 'em.  In fact, seemingly in a class of his own.  Scribe casually enquired, "Pete, have you ever ridden a motor bike?"  To which NoPlay retorted, "I used to race 'em, a Yamaha 750!"






Below are two nuptial pics of Pete & Linda's joyous wedding day which will be improved by Heineken or someone else pencilling a few lines.  Strange seeing some of the below motley dudes decked out in their Sunday best clobber.




Pete aka Yamaha's amazing two daughters, Sarah and Sam, bolstered Muggs number on a patently foggy morn'