Ed's formative years, which carved out his career path as a professional French Horn player, were in Long Beach California.  Ed played horn with Utah Symphony for 19 years and completed BMus and MMus degrees at the University of Utah.

In 1984 HornPlayer was appointed Principal Horn of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra domiciled at Windy Wellington on the southern tip of the Nth Island.  Since then Ed has appeared as soloist with the Christchurch AND NZSO symphony orchestras as well as performing concertos with most of the regional orchestras.  Recordings for Concert FM have included many solo pieces and chamber works.  Ed has been Guest Principal Horn with the Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmanian Symphony Orchestras, and has been soloist with most of the NZ Orchestras.  HornPlayer's wife Vicki (Bass Player) and Ed taught at the Australian National Music Camp ('93 – ‘95) at Geelong Grammar and continue to enjoy friendships with many musicians all over Australia.

Ed became a Born Again 18 only months ago when a fellow Muso asked Ed if he wanted to buy his Trek US Postal full carbon 'cause Ed's contemporary was heading to India for a few years to study yoga.  Since jumping onboard his Trek treadley, Ed has peeled-off 15kgs, and has never looked back.  A few weeks ago he completed the 160km 160km Lake Taupo Cycling Challenge in 5 hrs 15 min.  Also in that field was Greg aka ArchitectToo.

In early Dec, ‘07, Ed e-mailed Bank Teller informing that he liked the encouragement Muggaccinos.com instils in fellow cyclists by throwing down the gauntlet and assisting crew to pick up the cudgels to set lofty, challenging goals such as the 200km Audax Alpine Classic and then geeing-up crew to complete the mission.  “Guys, we have to train hard for the Audax”  Ed also mentioned that he found the pointers in Tips for Aspiring Muggaccinos Cyclists useful, particularly "Gearing to climb steep hills" which provides options to achieve lower gearing by -

(i)        dropping from a 39 to a 38 front chain ring using a 11- 28 BBB on the back; or

(ii)       going the hole hog and fitting a mid-arm rear derailleur which will take a 11- 34 rear cassette.

HornBlower informed Scribe that he would be in Sydney for a week prior to Christmas and could they catch up.

Scribe rode a familiar 94km ride with Ed from Sutherland Leisure Centre thru Audley, out to Bundeena Beach, down to Otford and back thru RNP on Sat 15 Dec, and 61 year old Ed went like shit out of Shanghai on his Trek US Postal, veritably flying up the Gibraltar KOM Climb to Artillery Hill from Audley Weir in 39 / 27.

Scribe was espousing the spin-off benefits of regular, rigorous, challenging exercise to other parts of one's lives ie. better handling work and family pressures.  HornBlower agreed, but with a caveat, that "...after 40 years as a professional musician with the pressure to deliver an outstanding performance every time, at 61 years of age when I jump out of bed in the morn', I would sooner climb on my bike, or hike a mountain with my friends, than saddle up for another day in the office." 

Below are pics from that ride:



Morning tea at Manna's Cafe, Bundeena Beach

The tree covered canopy thru the lower section of RNP approaching Otford Apple Pie Shop was at its verdant best today, and the cacophony of screaming cicadas in the tree covered caldron stimulating.  We weren't quite sure which one of the thousands of nearby feathery Green Grocers and Black Princes was the orchestra leader, but the tiny insect was doing a fine job of setting the tempo, 'cause every few minutes a pulse of resonance rose to a startling crescendo.  As Ed explained, a cicada rapidly vibrates membranes, and enlarges chambers derived from the tracheae give rise to its body serving as a resonance chamber, greatly amplify its sound.  Those Magpie Meals modulate their noise by wiggling their abdomens toward and away from the tree that they are on.  Some cicadas produce sounds louder than 106 dB (SPL) "at close range", among the loudest of all insect-produced sounds. 
Gees and all this time, Scribe had thought that they were just nuisance locusts signifying Christmas isn't far off.

LHS - Ed taking a breather after registering a commendable KOM Climb Time over the 4.2km from McKell Ave (Waterfall) to Garie Beach sign

HornPlayer is keen to be part of Muggs' contingent in Jan 2009 to tackle the 200km Audax Alpine Classic, or perhaps join us for the 4th King of the Mountain Challenge from Berry in Nov 2008