Jenny has completed a few City to Surfs, and ran a highly commendable 74:30 in this year's Aug 2009 C2S, although got smashed by her daughter, Sally, who ran over nine mins faster in 65:25. 

Jenny has two sons and a daughter.  Sally is the youngest.  Her kids are her pride and joy, but from a few chats at Nosh Stops, it sounds like they are all headstrong (wonder where they got that?) which is a plus in the highly competitive Gen Y generation.  However, it makes being a mum a tad tougher when ya kids sometimes give as good as they get.

Jenny, a week after the 2009 C2S, admitted to popping a few Nurofen's on the following two days to "get myself going again". T'was an absolute corker of a late Winter's morn' at the refurbed Church Point Cafe on the water's edge which, when the word gets around, "There won't even be standing room on a balmy Sunday morning shortly!!!"

Jenny found a like-minded soul in PacificPete as they both enjoy indulging themselves at the Nosh Stops Muggs visit.  Hang the cost!  Pete was savoring Eggs Benedict.  Jenny went for a fancy "Wrap".  Seagull, waiting in the wings, snavelled the scraps on Jenny's plate which were lean bacon 'n avocado.  Told ya C2S likes to spoil herself.

Wagstaffe Wharf Cafe - Nov '09

Approaching The Serpentine Lookout - mid Winter 2010