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Friday evening 19th, Sat 20 and Sunday morning 21 Aug 2005,
2nd annual Tour de Macarthur weekend, staying at
Historic George IV Inn, Picton or other accommodation listed below



Click here for rap-up of last year's inaugural Tour de Macarthur weekend

Last Winter, 29 Muggs' crew stayed at pubs/motels in Picton and cycled -

(i)         to Mittagong on Saturday; and
(ii)        The Oaks loop on Sunday. 

This August, 19th and 20th, the Historic George IV Inn Picton is fully booked with Muggaccinos cyclists, 'cause Bank Teller sent a $200 deposit to the Publican, Geoff Scharer, to book all 8 rooms at for Friday and Sat nights
Dinner Friday evening in our Hotel

A table is booked for 19 for this Friday evening from 8:15pm in the dining room at George IV Inn.  If we have a few more, no worries.  Scribe won't arrive until shortly before 8:15pm, so in his absence, can someone ensure the regular imbibers stay off the sauce, 'cause we rollout a 9:30am precisely on Sat morn', and we don't want any sore heads.

Can we form a committee which is mandated to find a really good, really, really cheap restaurant for din dins on Sat night.

Driving directions:
Allow 2 hrs if driving Friday night or 90 min early Sat morn'. 

*        If you live east of Pacific H'way drive via Eastern Distributor onto M5, 

*        If you live west of the Pacific H'way, take De Burgh's Bridge West Pymble where it is 98km via Homebush Bay Drive, King George's Rd.  500m past giant Roselands/Coles/Target sign turn R into M5, 

take Left off-road from M5 (after 86km from De Burgh's Bridge) to Picton Rd.  Drive 11km SW to Historic George IV Inn 180 Argyle St, Picton - 4677.1415ph

Upon arrival if you are listed in the below room allocation at George IV Hotel -
the desk clerk will give you your room key;

(ii)        Bank Teller will collect/extract your room tariff on Friday night; and
(iii)       Bank Teller will settle with
Publican, Geoff Scharer, - famous for Scharers Little Brewery - in particular Burragorang Bock.

Wet weather contingency plan:

If the weather is a shocker, we still drive to Picton on Friday arvo and visit the many attractions listed in the below HTMLs of sites in Walkabout Picton, 'cause it will likely be a worse weather on the coast, and traditionally clears-up faster out West in Winter.  When pondering whether to book at any of the below remaining accommodation, or sit on the fence until the 11th hour, those who have committed to a room below understand that Bank Teller has booked the entire George IV Hotel and posted a $200 cheque.  As explained to all who have taken rooms below, come hell or high water, we are off to Picton on Friday arvo 20 Aug to -
(a)    cycle the below two day routes; or
(b)    watch the ducks float in 30' puddles, the former being imminently more likely. 
Anyone listed in the below room configuration at George IV Hotel, who has to bail-out at the last minute, for any reason other than inclement weather, can do so without any financial cost.


Other accommodation in Picton:


(a   Picton Village Motel  1655 Remembrance Drive  4677.2121 has Family Rooms with a Queen bed and 2 singles. 

Normal prices at Picton Village Motel: Single $105.  Double $130.  Three in room $150.  Four in room $170.

Denise/Andy - 4677.2121 - will reduce the above $150 to $140, and the above $170 to $150, if booked by 1 Aug and a deposit cheque for $50 posted by 7 Aug. 

(b)    Greenhills B&B - 44 Argyle St, Picton - 4677.3298 ph,  0418 661.082 mob.

(c)    Tahmoor Inn - Remembrance Drive,  Hume H'way Tahmoor (9km from Picton) - 4681.8505 ph.

Saturday & Sunday rides:

9:30am SHARP  Saturday 18 June - 100kmTour de Bowral starts from Post Office in Argyle St, Picton:

  • 44km route down to Bowral along Remembrance Drive, skirting the eastern side of Mittagong along Old South Rd. 
  • 48km route back to Picton returns 5km to Mittagong, thence 4km later Left thru Hill Top, Buxton, Thirlmere to Picton.

Route down to Bowral - 44km - ride in single file for initial 9km as traffic is heavish:
South for 3.5km along Argyle St which becomes Remembrance Drive (otherwise known as Old Hume H'way).  After 9km from Picton we pass through Tahmoor, and 9km later thru Bargo.

3.5km past Bargo veer Right remaining on Remembrance Drive, 'cause if you proceed straight ahead you end-up on the Expressway.  We pass through towns or possible side roads to/near Yanderra, Yerrinbool, Aylemerton, Balaclava then Mittagong and 5km along Old South Rd to Bowral for Nosh Stop after 44km.

Route back up to Picton - 48km:
Return 5km along Bowral Rd to Mittagong, thence 4km later
Left into Church Ave for 4km,
Right into Wilson Drive for 7km to Hill Top, and 13km later passing Balmoral to Buxton where the road is known as East Pde/West Pde, and 6.7km along Barbour Rd to Thirlmere, and 6.7km along Thirlmere Way. 
When you pass over railway line you turn Left into Argyle St.

9:30am SHARP Sunday  19 June - 70km  "Picton Camden Oakdale loop" starts from Post Office in Argyle St, Picton:

North along Argyle St which turns into Remembrance Drive 8-10km out where you turn left into Old Razorback Rd, which becomes Cawdor Rd.  Don't turn right.  Rather proceed ahead into Camden Rd which changes to Argyle St.

3rd left into Elizabeth St, Right Exeter, then quick left into Macquarie Grove Rd (5km) left Cobbitty Rd.  At 'T' intersection, Right into Werombie Rd (6-8km) turn left into Boss Range Rd (5-7km). Left into Silverdale Rd 4.5km to The Oaks which becomes John St.  Right into Mary St which changes to Burragorang Road 6km to Oakdale.  Turn left into Barkers Lodge Rd 11-12 km.  Left into Picton Oaks Rd then 10km to Picton taking a left into Argyle St.

Anyone who has maps of the Bowral / Macarthur road grid, is asked to e-mail ScribePJ@tpg.com.au, because he welcomes assistance to check and embellish his above Day Ride directions, so that any absentminded cyclists will not get lost.

Room Type Occupants Friday Saturday Total
# $ $ $
8 twin 2 single beds - Bank Teller and (Kaza on Fri and Matt on Sat) 49.50 49.50     99.00
3 twin 2 single beds - Publican and Whippet 49.50 49.50     99.00
6 large double 1 Double Bed and 1 portable bed - Trevor C. and Peter B 49.50 49.50     99.00
7 large double 1 Double Bed - Arno, Sarah & Yvonne 49.50 49.50     99.00
11 small double 1 Double Bed -  Samurai and Amanda 49.50 49.50     99.00
10 small double 1 Double Bed - Adam 'n Ann Marie 33.00 33.00     66.00
9 triple room 3 single beds - Sandra, Brenda & Kathryn 55.00 55.00   110.00
12 quad room 1 DB and 2 singles - Yamaha/Lynda, Gene + Noel 66.00 66.00 132.00








































Additional participants:

Sean aka Smurf has booked a room at the motel, 'cause wife Deb and two billy lids are joining us.  Sean will partner Scribe on his tandem.


ToothFairy and Pacific Pete are confident of driving down early on Sat morn' for the Sat ride.  Another nurse, Melanie T., whose parents live at Bowral, plan to similarly joining us for evening festivities and the Sat ride.  Yamaha's mate, Andrew aka TugBoat, hopes to join us for the Sunday ride.


Bank Teller's rap-up of Tour de Windsor - 108km - 11 cyclists

Grant aka BeanCounter, Arno aka Heineken, Matt aka Printer, Adam 'n Ann-Marie, Pete aka Yamaha, Gene aka Koala Bear, Scribe, Smurf, ToothFairy, Pacific Pete re-grouped at Galston Park.  Grant had chores back home.  The rest of us continued to Windsor.


Highlight of the ride was Sean's maiden +100km ride with Scribe performing the Pilot role on Smurf's new KHS tandem.



Scribe    14 Aug '05