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Scribe's rap-up of inaugural 2004 "Tour de Macarthur"  - 5/6 June - 28 participated


 28 or so incl Kaza, Tornado, Navigator, Publican, Kylie, ToothFairy, Tony, Martin, Mick, Ros, Lesley, Printer, Sonya, Kate aka Flaxen, Scribe, Adam 'n Eve, Pacific, Marcel, Anthony/Nerida, Yamaha/Linda, Steve, Rummager, 'n Yamaha's mate Andrew, attended a successful sortie to

Wollondilly Shire (cacky mustard/orange colour LHS) surrounded by rural pastures for two days riding:

  • venturing SW steadily climbing 350m to Mittagong on the Sat (86m all-up); and

  • 55km anti-clockwise loop Nth on Sunday with lunch at The Oakes


Trevor ably led our two rides, cause Tornado knew where we were going, and is strong enough on the bike to help-out stranded crew and still catch up to lead the way for the rank 'n file who left their brains back home on battery re-charge intent on a w'end playing follow-the-leader.  Apart from a few RedNeck motorists, invariably hooning by in V8s, the traffic was OK.  But for future visits to the George IV, a 'single file only' rule will apply for the initial 20km twds Mittagong until most of the traffic veers onto the expressway.  Importantly, there were no accidents.



1st Sag Stop after 15km at Bargo en route to Mittagong.



Basking in the sun in the courtyard at the Tick Tock European Bakery Cafe at Mittagong.



Front of screen:  Nerida, Linda, Kaza, Printer 'n Scribe  - Kaza was oblivious to Bank Teller's right-hand.  LHS Maria 'n Ros in the sunshine.  RHS:  Navigator and Whippet in heavy dialogue.





Two roses 'n no thorns - Ann-Marie 'n Kate - circa din dins at the pub on Sat night.

Lunch at The Oakes after about 34km on Day 2.  After a big night of revelry in a chilly Picton the night before, the shortish 55km anti-clockwise scheduled ride on Sunday went down well, especially as Razorback Mtn proved a mere pimple on the backside of an elephant.   We've got a dozen Climbs on the Nthside, incl Mt White, PitS, Bumble Hill that render Razorback a piss-fart 2.4km Climb.

Tornado's belated pics.

Around 1pm we took to our jalopies for the 88km route home 'back to the hum-drum of every-day existence'.

NB:    Thanks also to Kaza for -

            *        organising the room bookings at the George IV; and

            *        collecting the dosh for our digs.

It is a shitty job, but someone's got to do it.

Scribe    6 June '04