50 years reunion for Class of '69 of St Leo's College, Wahroonga

The Chapel function room - Greenwood Hotel, 36 Blue Street, North Sydney
(5 mins walk N/E of North Sydney train station and Govt. bus stops or 14 min walk up the hill from McMahons Point Ferry Wharf)
Thurs, 24 Oct 2019 - from 6:30pm for 7pm start - lights out 10:30pm

After two successful Class of '69 reunions at The Blue Gum Waitara in Nov 2009 and Nov 2014, Michael Raper, Class of '69, has -

*       booked The Chapel  function room (accommodates 70 seated) at North Sydney - class mates are coming from WA, Tas. as well as Greater Sydney and West of the Great Divide - North Sydney is serviced by trains, buses and ferries; and

*       provided a financial surety to The Greenwood Hotel - we have to provide attendance numbers.

The Chapel  features polished timber floorboards, a cathedral ceiling, rafters, tall arched windows
 and multiple access points from both the Southern Courtyard and
Northern Courtyard

Oodles of yummy Finger Food drawn from Salads, Sides and Gourmet Pizzas.

Our elegant venue including Finger Food is $50 per head.  We buy our own drinks at the bar.

Apart from attending to catch-up with old school chums and devoted teachers circa 60s, we will celebrate the life of a popular secondary school teacher, John Sheely, who passed away in March 2017.  The Mr. Chips of St. Leo's "in the Swinging Sixties" when the Bestest Music was released - will be playing in the background.  John 'Muddy' Waters digitally recorded both John Sheely's and Stan Cusack's addresses at The Bluey in Nov 2009 at our 40th re-union back in '09.  We will have them shown on a screen in a 10 minute flashback Five years ago, several of us celebrated John (Mr)Sheely's 80th birthday lunch at The Kirribilli Club.

If you want to part of our 'buzzing throng of survivors' in a world that is vastly changed from the 1960s, supported by ex-students from two years either side of the historic year of 1969, email Ken W_llace  and Greg P_wer  with the word AFFIRMATIVE in the 'Subject' of your email because our graceful / full-of-grace venue is capped at 70 seated guests, but it fits more unseated.  (Ken's and Greg's email address are also available in the c.c. column of the b.c.c. email that delivers this Invitation webpage).

The likely spread of attendees will be 40 from '69 and 30 from '67, '68, '70 and '71 et alFirst-in, best-dressed BankTeller is shouting a beer to the first five to tap him on the shoulder resplendent in their Leo's straw boater with the Leo the Lion badge/crest prominent, although he might not be much chop at counting beyond 3, if they don't reciprocate.

Partners are very welcome.  The Chapel  is a brill venue for our 50th Class of '69 re-union, 'cause we won't be around to clock up the ton.

Send the URL thread to this webpage to any SLOBs (or former teachers) that may be interested in attending, accepting that all attendees will be physically long in the tooth.  But hopefully with a few brain cells still buzzing around.

Pics from our previous '69 'et al' reunions, including some ancient school class photos, taken back when you had to not waste Kodax film still left on the roll - Class 4 Gold, unlisted Class pic, 6th Class,  School days are the best years of ya life!!!,  Athletics Carnival - Sept 1962: