Pics from 7th KOM Challenge from Berry where 23 camped and another 4 riders either caught the train or drove for a day ride or hob-knobbed it in an "expensive motel"

Richard aka Sloth, who was the first to arrive in Berry and the last to leave it, with 15 KOM Climbs "under his belt" covering all 11 different KOM climbs, including riding to up to the Lookout at Saddleback Mtn, and also the arduous Wattamolla to Woodhill Mtn with 2km of uphill off-road, was the undisputed Muggs' King of the Mountain for 2010.

Under the prevailing Li Nina weather pattern, Muggs' 7th sortie to Berry was punctuated by afternoon thunderstorms, something that we didn't experience under the influence of the previous El Nino during our 6 previous KOM Challenges.  Fortunately these thunderstorms were from mid-arvo after our morning hill climbs were all done.  Click on:

Bank Teller    16 Nov '10