Night Rides

        Night Rides - 79km - infrequent Wednesdays from 7:30pm between Nov and April  - ETR 10pm - Phone Scribe  0412 045.224

Cycle the 40km cycle path adjacent to M7 Motorway there 'n back  =  80km, parking in Gavin Place, Kings Langley.  

Lighting and associated visibility on 40km cyclepath is good for 95% of route.  Usually two or three 50m to 200m stretches where  'lights are out'.  Recommend you affix front 'n rear LED lights.

Map on RHS displays 40km M7 Motorway in RED - see numbers 1 to 17.

No cafes, so bring a snack bar.
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Lots of interchange maps.

Above map from doesn't show M7 but does show where you turn -

*    Right off the M2 into Old Windsor Rd for 700m;

*    Left into Seven Hills Rd for 200m;

*    Right into Joseph Banks Drive for 1.3km;

*    Right into Whitby Rd for 350m;

     *     Left into Hutchins Cres for 220m (care don't turn Right after 50m into 1st entrance to Hutchins Cres, stay in Whitby Rd for another 300m and turn Right at 2nd entrance to Hutchins Cres);

     *     Left into Gavin Place for 100m where you park at end of dead end.  Cycle down the below path between #27 and #29 Gavin Place and up the ramp which follows.


Path in LHS pic above is between #27 and #29 Gavin Place.  Leads to 70m ramp in RHS pic to 2nd access to M7 cycle path.




        Pic on LHS taken at southern end of M7 cyclepath.     Apologies for poor lighting in above pic which is not indicative of visibility on cyclepath.      Authorities are quite liberal re cycle speed limit - see R.H. pic.