Bicycle Brake Stop Calculator means an Excel spreadsheet 'StoppingDistance.xls' which enables a road cyclist, or a roads authority (RTA and police), to insert the Eight Bicycle Variables Affecting Distance To Stop to calculate both the Distance To Brake to Stop and Time to Brake To Stop using in each worksheet each of the Two Distance To Brake To Stop Formulae.

Presently the Bicycle Brake Stop Calculator -

(a)        assumes a constant Mass of the cyclist is 150lbs (68.1kgs) and assumes a Coefficient Of Friction f of 35%;

(b)        factors in only the variables of speed V and gradient G.

(c)        does not factor in the variables 4, 5, 6 and 7 of the Eight Bicycle Variables To Stop.  These are:

  1. direction of road ahead (between 0 degrees and 90 degrees) is Dir

  2. bicycle/cyclist weight = Mass is M

  3. wind speed impact is W

  4. braking ability of the bicycle and rider is Ab

It should be possible to incorporate the above 'missing' variables to more accurately test the Two Distance To Brake To Stop Formulae by empirical analysis using cyclists of various skill levels.