2nd Distance To Brake To Stop Formula means the two below Figure 19's for 'Metric units' and separately 'English Imperial units' indicate the minimum Stopping Sight Distance (separately in km and then miles), referred to in this analysis as the Distance to Brake to Stop, for various speeds, referred to as V for velocity, and G for gradient, based on a bicyclist's brake reaction time of 2.5 seconds and a Coefficient Of Friction of 0.25 to account for the poor braking equipment of many bicycles and limited skills of the majority of road cyclists when under pressure to react to an emergency braking. 
At the bottom of each of the two Figure 19s are the pertinent formula. 

The first part of each of the below two formula for km p/h and miles/p/h calcs the
Bicycle Brake Reaction Distance.
The second part of each of the below two formula calcs the Bicycle Brake Response Distance.

The below two formula are sourced from
Sight Distance - pg 40 of 'Guide for development of bicycle facilities" known as AASHTO’s “Green Book,” A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets