Tour de Adelaide - Arrive from 11am, Wed. 7th Dec 2022.  Depart Sunday morning 11th Dec.
Attend the 2nd (day/night) Cricket Test between West Indies and Australia that starts 2:30pm Thurs 8th.  Play up to three different local golf courses.  Re-visit the City of Churches Lots of return flights depart Wed 7th and return Sunday 11th or Monday 12th between $225 and $285 in toto.

Five Precedents -  attendees behaved 'em selves 'most of the time'

1.    Adelaide in Nov 2016 - nine attended 1st Test against South Africa, visited Adelaide Touristy Thingos and played two rounds of golf

2.    Brisbane in Nov 2017 - ten attended 1st Test against England, touristy stuff and play two rounds of golf

3.    Canberra in Feb 2018 - 12 attended 2nd Test against Sri Lanka and played two rounds of golf

4.   Adelaide 15th to 19th Dec 2019 - 11 attended  2nd Cricket Test between England and Australia.  Eight played one or two local golf courses

5.   Adelaide 16th to 20th Dec 2021 - 9 attendees - 2nd Test against England - Day/Night @ $90 per day tickets


Nearby apposite hotel accommodation

  1. Grosvenor Hotel Adelaide, 125 North Terrace, Adelaide - 550 metres South of the Adelaide Oval  (4 nights 2 adults = $1,226 = $153.25 p/h p/n)

  2. Ibis Adelaide, 122 Grenfell St, Adelaide - 800m SSE of Adelaide Oval (4 nights 2 adults = $1,536 = $192 p/h p/n)

  3. Oaks Adelaide Embassy Suites, 96 North Terrace, Adelaide 450 metres Sth of the Adelaide Oval (4 nights 2 adults = $1,124 = $140.50 p/h p/n)

  4. BreakFree Hotel, 255 Hindley St, Adelaide  132 007

  5. Stamford Grand Adelaide Hotel, Moseley Square, Glenelg, on the ocean 8km S/W/W of CBD (25 min by bus or metro light rail to Adelaide station - $143 p/h, p/n twin share.

  6. Hotel Indigo 23-29 Market St, Adelaide 100m Sth of CBD and 1.2km Sth of Adelaide Oval

  7. Quality Inn O'Connell Hotel, 197-199 O'Connell St  08 8239 0766 750m Nth of Adelaide Oval

    8Adelaide Royal Coach Hotel, 24 Dequetteville Terrace, Kent Town (08) 8362.5676 2.6km SE of Adelaide Oval  Queen Bed room or Twin beds room $704 for 4 nights = $88 p/h, p/nDown the Middle, Don and BankTeller will again book there once our admission tickets are purchasedBooking can be cancelled up to two days before occupancy without penalty.




Garry White recommends B Reserve section  126 or 127. Upper RHS).  Rows  U, V, W  etc are less affected by the afternoon sunlight. But not lower rows A, B , C etc. Seats are $90 for all day. Twilight seats (only final 2 sessions) for $68  Click on Ticketek for seat prices

Ten Old Farts at an earlier visit to Adelaide five years ago.  Or was it The Gabba or Manuka Oval, Canberra?  It is all a bit of a distant, far-long ago haze!  Subsequent facial deterioration evidences it must 've been several years back.

Please click on Australian Cricket Family and Ticketek and try and find cheaper tickets to the Adelaide Test than Garry W. recommends @ $90 p/d for seats with good shade aspect.


If you know anyone else that might want to join us in Adelaide, send 'em this webpage, 'cause there ain't a lot of smarts left amongst the below Faltering, Feeble, Frail, Flabby, Failing Folk who once upon a time were Robustuous, Rugged, Responsible, Reputable, Righteous and Reliable Rogues.





Garry White will order cricket admission tickets by mid-August 2022 for each person that has remitted their daily ticket price to him for the admission ticket days notified.  This will -

a)   avoid not ordering a ticket for a No Show; and

b)   ensure that all interested attendees sit together, and out of direct sunlight. 

Indicative admission ticket orders and likely nights in Adelaide notified thus far.

Number of days
 attending 2nd Test
Number of
nights in Adelaide
Indicative Attendance Schedule
Garry & Bronwyn White 3 4 Grosvenor Hotel Adelaide  - 125 North Terrace, Adelaide - 550 metres South of the Adelaide Oval 
Trevor Hodgson 3 4 Grosvenor Hotel Adelaide  -  a twin room 4 nights is $1,126 -  $140.75 p/h p/n. Cancel free of charge to 6pm 7 Dec
Phil Johnston aka BankTeller 1 4 Grosvenor Hotel Adelaide  -  Confirmation of twin room booking for four nights for the Everly Bros
Don Story 1 4 Grosvenor Hotel Adelaide  Confirmation of twin room booking for four nights for the Everly Bros
Peter Meers 3 4 Grosvenor Hotel Adelaide  
Pete Foxall 3 4 Grosvenor Hotel Adelaide,
Geoff Childs 3 4 Grosvenor Hotel Adelaide,
Nick Aubrey 2 4 Grosvenor Hotel Adelaide,
Tony Zucconi aka Shag 3 4 Grosvenor Hotel Adelaide,
Ted Fargus 3 4 Grosvenor Hotel Adelaide,

18 Reasons to Visit Adelaide including the below 'six photo'd landmark gems'

Adelaide Botanic Gardens

Adelaide Art Gallery

Mitchell Building of the University of Adelaide

St Francis Xavier's AfterDark

Adelaide Central Market

Glenelg Beach


18 holes golf courses within 10km of Adelaide Oval:

  1. (Wednesday) West Beach Parks Golf Course - THE PATAWALONGA (18 holes) 3 Military Road, West Beach, 9km West of CBD (After 1pm, 2 rounds of Golf + 1 Cart Hire is $80).  To snavel this $80 bargain deal, on at midday on Wednesday, 15th Dec, Don and Phil are catching a bus from Stop X1 Dequetteville Tce SouthWest side to Stop X1 Currie St south side.  Then another bus from Stop X1 Currie St south side for 51 mins to Stop 156A Military Rd East side.  Thence walking for 2 mins to West Beach GC at 3 Military Rd. to play 18 holes at this world famous, prestigious coast Links Course in the comfort of a motorised cart for only $40 each. More money for beer.  Click on Bus Route and Bus Times

  2. (Thursday) Mount Osmond Golf Club  60 Mount Osmond Road, Mount Osmond  (08) 8379 1674  - 7km S/E of CBD.   Henry informed that Green fees vary according to hit-off time.  Between 7am and 9am $80, between 9am and 11am $70, between 11am and 1pm $60, between 1pm and 3pm $50 after 3pm $40  Rental of a basic set of clubs $45, Carts hire $45. 
    On Thurs 16th Dec, Phil and Don will catch a taxi from 12:30pm the 7km S/E to Mt Osmond GC to play 18 holes from 1pm for $50 each, thereby saving $30 each for beer.

  3. (Saturday) North Adelaide Golf Course  - South Course  Strangways Terrace, Adelaide (08) 8203.7888   3km Nth/West of CBD -  Buses every 15 mins   Green fees $31.50 midweek and $39 on w'ends, Rickie informs renting premium clubs cost $65 and Odds 'n Sods clubs hire $26.50, Shared Cart Hire is $42.  Click on Bus Route and Bus Times
    On SATURDAY 18th Dec, Don and Phil plan to rise early and open the wallet and pay the additional $7.50 w'end tariff, and save up the bus fare beforehand.  Don and Anthony thence hightail it 1.05km to the Adelaide Oval for the 2:30pm start time.

  4. Glenelg Golf Club  James Melrose Road, 5040 Novar Gardens - 8km East of CBD  Green fees $240, Club rental $45.  Motorised carts $40 

  5. The Grange Golf Course  -  White Sands Drive, Grange 08 8356 3070 -  7km from CBD   
    Jordan informs that Green Fees are $220, cart hire is $60 and club hire is $50.

 9 holes golf course in close proximity with public transport bus access

  1. Lochiel Park Golf, Geoff Heath Golf Club, James St, Campbelltown 8365.4322 - 10km N/E of CBD

  2. West Beach Parks Golf - the Short Course (15 holes), 3 Military Road, West Beach, 9km West of CBD