Karen aka TownPlanner recently left her job at Hornsby Council to join Dept of Planning & Infrastructure (NSW).

Karen joined the Muggs' 'throng' at Berry last Nov, 'RainFest and all' not knowing much about gear ratios (not uncommon amongst many female cyclists).  Karen's bike had the 'traditional'  53/39 double chainring on the front and a 12/25 nine speed cluster on the rear, which meant that TownPlanner's lowest gear was 39T/25T.  Karen was therefore turning her rear wheel 1.56 revs (39 / 25 = 1.56) for each completed pedal stroke, hardly ideal when slogging up 16% sections in Fountaindale Rd, Berry Mtn, Jamberoo Pass 'et al', especially when the likes of Bank Teller was riding those steep sections in 28T on the front and 28T on the rear; whereupon for every pedal rev his rear wheel was revolving one rev only - 'much easier on the quads, heart and lungs'.

Ipso facto, Karen cogitated "there must be an easier way".  Voila, Karen recently invested in a new Trek 'treadley' with a 'compact Bolt Centre Diameter' front dual crankset of 50/34 and an 11/28 ten speed cassette on the back.  Now when Karen slips back into her lowest gear, it is 34/28 = 1.21 revs - Easy Peasy, compared with 1.56 revs.


Karen's partner, Clint, is also a road cyclist and has joined a handful of Muggs rides.  However, Clint is a 'workaholic' in a 'family business', so the office too often takes prominence.  Hopefully, the lower Aussie Dollar may enable Clint to join more Muggs rides.

Karen with Ann aka ToothFairy and Bazza at Patterson's Patisserie - Jan '14