PapaBear celebrates 80 Not Out at the Newport Arms Hotel on a bonza summer's day

Our guest of honour looking his sartorial Bestest.  And holding court!
To the uneducated,
a 'sartorialist' is someone who meticulously attends to their own clothing and closely follows fashion trends, even the latest in hat fashions.

A big Thank You to Coralie McKinn for baking a Yum Yum birthday cake with 80 candles astride and NO calories beneath.

An even bigger Thanks goes to Ron aka Draughtsman for even thinking of our indefatigable and
unwavering PapaBear.   Those two descriptive adjectives are not limited to Eric's capacity to talk boisterously and
interminably, even when submerged under wet concrete and constricted by a mouthful of marbles

Now that is a house boat!