Bionic Pegs

Leigh is a Ride Leader with Bike North who has known Bank Teller for a few years.  Leigh had enough of knee pain and 'bit the bullet' late in 2009 by having both knees replaced at one visit to the hospital.  Six months later Leigh is climbing seriously steep hills and riding the occasional Muggs' mid-week ride.

With an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from UTS and a postgrad diploma in Computer Science from Newcastle Uni, Bionic Pegs recognized the merit of calling in the carpenters to fix a "bone degeneration problem". The same penchant for recognizing substance over superficiality has occasionally incurred the angst of some Talkers who weren't Walkers.  Leigh is very much a nuts 'n bolts person who has an eye for detail and prepared to speak her mind if she disagrees.  She likes a 'heated debate', and welcomes all comers, so long as they know their topic.

Leigh with Ron aka Draughtsman and Pete aka AnotherBeanCounter at Kurnell during a Muggs' midweek ride, on a balmy late Autumn day in May '10