2.           Get the correct size bike for you at the right price

(a)             Make sure your –

(i)               bike frame is the right size for your height and your leg length; and

(ii)              seat height and front stem height/length are adjusted to fit you properly.  

(b)             A correctly set-up bicycle is easier to control, more comfortable and efficient, causing less fatigue.  

(c)             A cyclist should be able to straddle the top tube while standing flat footed on the ground with at least 25mm clearance between their crotch and the crest of the top tube.

(d)             The seat height should be adjusted so the cyclist’s knee is only slightly bent when their foot is at the bottom of the pedal stroke with the ball of their foot over the centre of the pedal ie 170o

(e)            Cycle pedalling efficiency will reduce if the seat height is–

(i)              too low, with the cyclist’s knees protruding out to each side when at 12 o’clock ie. top of each rotation - akin to an adult trying to ride a child's bike. 

(ii)             too high, with the cyclist unable to readily ground his foot at 6 o’clock ie. the bottom of each rotation.

Several Muggaccinos' cyclists have purchased new bikes from -

*            Alex at Hornsby Cycles  incl Samurai Printer, Chris M., Alicia, The Kaiser, and Wellington Hugh; and

*            Anthony at Thornleigh CycleSport Int'l  incl SoccerTragic and Dieter.

Muggaccinos' stalwarts are always willing to ensure that you source a bike that fits ya bod at the cheapest price.

More information is at “How To Set Up And Measure For Correct Bike Size