SoccerTragic  and  RoundBallGame


Neil is married to Christine with 4 children 'n 2 dogs.  Played soccer all his life, and now coaches under 21’s. 

M.D. of his own Strategic Consulting firm specializing in forecasting traffic projections for major new infrastructure projects (Toll Roads, Airport, Railways) with 15 colleagues across 3 offices.  Client portfolio split 50 / 50 between government and major infrastructure providers in the private sector, with Thiess Qld (part of Leighton Holdings Group) a valued client.

Undergraduate degree in Mathematics; presently completing PhD at Macquarie Uni Graduate School of Management “in spare time”.

Loves red wine, old houses and his Lexus convertible … "everyman must own a convertible once in their life!"

Got into cycling at start of '07 'cause he'd buggered-up both ankles after overdosing on the Round Ball Game whereupon Neil's Doc said he'd have to chop 'em off (his ankles) if SoccerTragic didn't switch to a less traumatic sport.

Prior to honing in on traffic forecasting in a pro-infrastructure economy, RoundBallGame had spent time driving interstate trucks and took a sabbatical where he tried to impersonate an architect.

Played lead guitar with heavy metal band in his teens and twenties … and still loves classical music.  That's a paradox.

Spent 6 years running half the freight trains in NSW … "a great big train set."

SoccerTragic's lowest ratio is 39/25 = 1.56 which ain't low.  Notwithstanding, still looken 4wd to tackling a few hills on Muggs' rides.  Either Neil has mega strong quads from kicking Soccer balls, or will explode climbing the likes of Fountaindale Rd up Saddleback Mtn in Kiama and Jamberoo Pass, where many before him have bitten the dust.

SoccerTragic and HongKong David  'shooten the breeze' at The Bridge Cafe Windsor on a pleasantly warm Winter's morn'  - circa 2007

SloshFest at Duo Montagnes - Sept 2007