Time to get on your bikes  BRETT COX

    If getting fit isn't enough of an incentive to join the Muggaccinos cycling club, members hope that a dozen long-stemmed roses may well be.  Muggaccinos is a group of cycling enthusiasts which cycles each Sunday north from Hornsby for a morning of fit­ness and cafe stops.

It is so keen to attract more female cyclists, that it offered a dozen long-stemmed roses to new female members who com­pleted a l00km course recently.  And while the ploy seems to have worked, with five new lady members receiving the reward last week, the club is still keen to see its numbers expand.

Doing their part in the mem­ber drive are new mothers Julie Gardiner and Sarah Roosink, who returned last week to the Muggaccinos after a break to give birth to Sarah and Yvonne respectively.

"We've been involved in the Muggaccinos for year or two, but last Sunday was our first week back," Mrs Roosink said.  "We have developed a system where Julie drives with the babies while I cycle and then we swap over at one of the stops," she said.

"It's a great way to exercise and the Muggaccinos is a marvelous social group to be part of."

Phil Johnston, a member of the Muggaccinos, said that the group was originally established by nurses from Royal North Shore Hospital nine years ago to help them wake up sober on a Sunday mornings.

DOUBLE DINK: Sarah Roosink, left, with baby Yvonne and Julie Gardiner and Sarah II.

Phil, the longest surviving of the existing members, said the group consisted of wide ranging personalities including some who had over­come adversity and injuries.




Muggaccinos contains plenty of role models of folk who won't grow old grace­fully," he joked. "More and more adults are taking up road cycling to stay healthy. Also, conquering tough climbs on their Sunday cycle ... helps [members] in other facets of their lives like managing fam­ily and work pressures."

 Inquiries: www.muggaccinos.com