Critical Mass ride from Hyde Park over the Harbour Bridge to North Sydney Park  -  Friday, 27 Nov '09

Bank Teller put in a lot of hard yards to enthuse Megan, from the inner West to try a Muggs ride.  However, alas the ride distances daunted her

NSW Police was well represented and did a sterling job in controlling riders

Check out the face mask in the guy in the NAZI helmet - centre of pic

Critical Mass organisers took a brief Sag Stop at the centre of the Harbour bridge to salute La Bicyclette

T'was a colourful, cosmopolitan crowd that partied at North Sydney Park post-ride on a balmy late Spring evening

Justine wanted to dance in front of the rock band below which specialised in hits from the '60s 'n '70s, but the only starters were a few two year olds.