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Sunday, 29 Jan '06 -

 *     Nth. Turramurra     7:10am - 134km -   5 hills -   ETR    3:05pm; or

 *     Hornsby                 7:45am - 108km -   3 hills -    ETR    2:40pm; or

 *     Galston Park          8:30am -  71km  -   1 hill  -    ETR  12:50pm


       (i)          to Windsor via Galston Gorge and Pitt Town Rd, returning 

       (ii)         from Windsor via Cattai Ridge Rd and Berowra Waters

Ride to 1st Nosh Stop of Galston Park from Nth Turra' or Hornsby if you got chores to do

  • Cycling with Muggs is predicated upon being in general agreement with this Muggaccinos' "Ride Participants Liability Acknowledgment"

  • Ride Organiser:  Phil Johnston - 9498.3684 hm

  • Hardcopy these directions, take a squiz of the route NW and bring on Sunday as this is a complex route

  • Keep well to LHS and DO NOT cycle two abreast on single lane roads with an unbroken centre line

  • Cycling without Public Liability cover is as stupid as driving without 3rd Party - join Bicycle NSW for PL insurance cover, so that all Muggs are better protected; or check whether your household insurers will provide PL cover beyond your front fence at a cheaper rate

  • When passing a fellow Mugg, always provide a metre clearance.  If you can't, or are passing on the inside, call out loudly eg. "passing inside tight" etc


Nth. Turramurra Route:

Nth. Turra’ carpark in Bobbin Hd Rd, Galston Gorge, Pitt Town Rd, Windsor, Cattai Ridge Rd, Arcadia Rd, Berowra Waters punt, Bobbin  Hd, Turra’


Hornsby, Galston Gorge, Pitt Town Rd, Windsor, Cattai Ridge Rd, Arcadia Rd, Berowra Waters punt, Hornsby

Starts: Nth. Turramurra carpark in Bobbin Head Rd - 7:10am; or 
Hornsby Station West side, Jersey St          -   7:45am

Nosh Stops:

Galston Park                               8:25am - 30min,
Linda's "Bridge Cafe" Windsor  10:35am - 40min
Berowra Waters Café                  1:05pm  - 30min

Ride Legs from Turra' Nth. Turra' to Galston              - 27.5km
Galston to Windsor                  - 37.9km
Windsor to Berowra Waters    - 38.9km
Berowra Waters to Nth. Turra' - 27.5km 

Ride Legs from Hornsby Hornsby to Galston                  - 15.5km
Galston to Windsor                 -  37.9km
Windsor to Berowra Waters    - 38.9km
Berowra Waters to Hornsby    - 16.1km


Nth Turra' 3:05pm.    Hornsby 2:40pm.    Galston 12:50pm

KOM Climbs: Bobbin Head '60km p/h sign' to Kalkari Reserve sign - 3.3km
Galston Gorge timber bridge to 100m into Crosslands Rd 'Safety House' sign - 3.35km
Berowra Waters '3T and over' sign to metal gate LHS 1st park 200m before Berowra roundabout - 3.9km
Bobbin Head stone toilet to '60km p/h' sign before Turramurra tollbooth - 3.95km


1st Leg: from Nth. Turramurra carpark in Bobbin Head Rd
Arrive Nth. Turramurra car park by 7am for 7:10am rollout in/out of Bobbin Head, arriving at Kalkari Reserve for our 1st Sag Stop (
10 min) after 10km around 7:35am.  


Detailed ride route from Nth Turramurra follows - 134km:

Dir Street "in" km   Street "to" min


R Bobbin Hd Rd 2.6 Bobbin Head gates 5 7:15
A Bobbin Hd Rd 4 Bobbin Head bridge 5 7:20
A Bobbin Hd Rd 3.3 Kalkari Reserve 14.5 7:34
  1st Sag Stop     Kalkari Reserve 5 7:39
A Ku-ring-gai Chase Rd 4.3 Belmont Pde. Stop sign 10.5 7:49
L Belmont Pde. 1.1 Asquith station overpass 2.8 7:52
R Asquith station o'pass 0.2 Old Pacific H'way 1 7:53
R Old Pacific H'way 1 Cnr Pac H'way & Galston Rd 2.5 7:55


1st Leg: from Hornsby station
Arrive at Hornsby car-park N/W of station [80m N of Railway Hotel in Jersey St] by 7:35m for an 7:45am -

            *    Nth up Jersey St for 400m,

              L 40m to lights at Old Pacific H’way,

            *    R 800m up Old Pacific H’way,

               L at lights at Galston Rd and cycle twds Hornsby Heights.


The route now becomes common for both start spots as riders cycle N/W thru Hornsby Heights to descend to Galston Gorge and climb 3km to 1st Nosh Stop (30 min) at Galston Park arriving around 8:25am after 29km (from Nth. Turra’).  


Dir Street "in" km   Street "to" min time
R Galston Rd 3.05 Galston Rd L to descend 6.5 8:02
L Galston Rd 3.05 Galston Gorge bridge 3.75 8:05
A Galston Rd 3.3 "L" turn twds nursery 16 8:21
L Galston Rd 1.05 Galston 2.8 8:24
  1st Nosh Stop     Galston Park 30 8:54
L Galston Rd 0.45 Mid Dural Rd 2 8:56
R Mid Dural Rd 1.9 Old Northern Rd 4 9:00
L Old Northern Rd 2.5 Wyoming Rd 7 9:07
R Wyoming Rd 0.7 Langford/Davey Rd 2 9:09
L Langford/Davey Rd 1.6 Derriwong Rd 4.5 9:14
L Derriwong Rd 0.5 Wirrabarra Rd 1.7 9:16
R Wirrabarra Rd 0.6 Pellit Lane 1.7 9:17
R Pellit Lane 0.2 Kenthurst Rd 1 9:18
  2nd Sag Stop     50m short of Kenthurst Rd 3 9:21
R Kenthurst Rd 4.5 Pitt Town Rd 12 9:33
L Pitt Town Rd 12.9 Neich Rd 33 10:06
A Neich Rd 0.85 Scheyville Rd 2.1 10:08
L Scheyville Rd 4.8 Old Stock Route Rd 10.5 10:19
L Old Stock Route Rd 1.9 Wolseley Rd 4.5 10:23
R Wolseley Rd 1.2 Havelock St 3 10:26
L Havelock St 0.4 Old Hawkesbury Rd 1 10:27
R Old Hawkesbury Rd 0.4 Pitt Town Rd 1 10:28
L Pitt Town Rd 0.5  Windsor Rd 1.4 10:30
R  Windsor Rd 1.75  Macquarie St 4.5 10:35
L  Macquarie St 0.2 Historic Thompson's Sq. 0.75 10:36
  2nd Nosh Stop     Lynda's Bridge Café 39 11:15
R  Macquarie St 0.2 Windsor Rd 0.75 11:16
R  Windsor Rd 1.75 Pitt Town Rd 4.5 11:21
L Pitt Town Rd 0.5 Old Hawkesbury Rd 1.4 11:22
R Old Hawkesbury Rd 0.4 Havelock St 1 11:23
L Havelock St 0.4 Wolseley Rd 1 11:24
R Wolseley Rd 1.2 Stock Route Rd 3 11:27
L Old Stock Route Rd 1.9   Scheyville Rd 4.5 11:31
R Scheyville Rd 5   Dural Rd/Cattai Ridge Rd 11 11:42
R Dural/Cattai Ridge Rd 5.7   75m past Halcrows Rd 17 11:59
  3rd Sag Stop     75m past Halcrows Rd 5 12:04
A Dural/Cattai Ridge Rd 9.3   Old Northern Rd 24 12:28
  4th Sag Stop     100m into Old Nth'n Rd at bus shelter 5 12:33
R Old Northern Rd 0.6   Wylds Rd 1.75 12:35
L Wylds Rd 1.6   Arcadia Rd 4.5 12:39
L Arcadia Rd/Bay Rd 10.3   Berowra Waters 26 1:05
  3rd Nosh Stop     Berowra Waters café 30 1:35
A Berowra Waters Rd 4.3   Berowra Waters KOM - shop 17.5 1:52
  5th Sag Stop     Pool Shop 5 1:57
R Berowra Waters Rd 1.8   Cnr Ber.Waters Rd & Pac H'way. 4.3 2:01
R Old Pacific H'way 7   Bobbin Hd entrance before Asquith 19 2:20


Cyclists returning to Hornsby station pedal a further 2.8km 'in toto' to Hornsby -

R            fork continuing on Old Pacific H'way; 

L             into Bridge Rd for 40m; and

R            into Jersey Rd for 400m.  ETR - 2:40pm.

Cyclists returning to Nth. Turramurra take -

Dir Street "in" km   Street "to" min


L Belmont Pde 0.25   Ku-ring-gai Chase Rd 1 2:21
L Ku'ring'gai Chase Rd 4.3   Kalkari Reserve 19.5 2:40
L Bobbin Hd Rd 3.3   Bobbin Head bridge 5 2:45
A Bobbin Hd Rd 4.0   Bobbin Head gates 15 3:00
A Bobbin Hd Rd 2.8   Nth Turra' carpark 5 3:05

Scribe's rap-up of "Cowan, Mt White, Peats Ridge, Spencer, Wyong" - 128km - 3 crew


Caroline, Bank Teller 'n Simon aka Engineer at Peats Ridge



Engineer, Bank Teller 'n Princess Caroline at Yarramalong

Scribe     26 Jan ‘06