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Bank Teller's rap-up of Tour de Bong Bong - Wed 10 Nov to Sunday 14 Nov

Approx 25 attended Muggs' inaugural Tour de Bong Bong which proved a marvellous experience thanks to the local Kiama BUG enabling us to camp in the rustic, serene Berry Showground.  If you were up early enough, you could hear/see a dozen or so Nags doing their daily workout in preparation for some future race day. 

On 3 of the 5 morn's we caught a train from Berry to Kiama, Albion Park Rail and Bombaderry to enable us to climb wonderful KOM Climbs, except -
*    Fountaindale Rd to Saddleback Mtn, and

*    Barrengarry Mtn to Fitzroy Falls on the final day.

The Great Southern Hotel, conveniently placed in the main street from our digs, proved a popular watering hole.

Hyperlink to Tornado's Tour de Bong Bong pics


Brenda and Kaza at start of Woodhill Mountain KOM Climb - Wed 10 Nov '04



Kaza, Lesley and Ian aka Flash crammed aboard the train to Kiama to assault Saddleback Mtn thence Jamberoo Pass.


Bank Teller crawled his way to the top of that blessed Saddleback Mountain Reserve @ 17.54% of 10.11o in a 30/27 gear.



Start of our climb up Jamberoo Pass - Ian, Lesley, Mike aka Diplomat , Yamaha, Brenda aka Widget, Kaza and Rick aka HillMonster (Kaza 'n HillMonster both scaled it in a 39/23)



HillMonster, Bank Teller, Flash, Diplomat and Yamaha outside the Pig 'n Thistle cafe after climbing 19km Jamberoo Pass.



Start of 5.3km Cambewarra KOM Climb at 7.96% 4.57o from Bombaderry - Widget, Pacific, Ann-Marie, Kaza, Flash, Adam, Rick 'n Gene Koala Bear



Lunch in delightful Kangaroo Valley after another KOM Climb all done.




Happy victors are scaling the return 5.7km KOM Climb from Kangaroo Valley at 6.8% or 3.87o



Nestled in the protection of the Robertson Pie Shop after climbing Macquarie Pass on a windy morn'.



Relaxing at a popular Nosh House on the western side of the scenic old stone bridge ay Kangaroo Valley




The Start of the 5.38km KOM Climb up Berry Mountain from Kangaroo Valley, where Pacific and Koala Bear opted to take the Left hand route thru Wattamolla and Woodhill Mountain




Bank Teller hammering it out to the Cemetery KOM marker.



Three cows (above)



Bank Teller, Yamaha 'n Ant taking a breather after the killer 5.3km KOM Climb from Wattamolla Rd up to the Cemetery KOM



Bank Teller rustled-up from our Happy Campers $240 (@ $6 per head per night) in camp fees and paid to Brenda on the final morn', together with returning the 2 shower keys.  Brenda posted a $240 receipt from Shoalhaven City Council which Bank Teller will bring on next ride for validation.


Scribe    15 Nov 2004