Ground Floor

Top of internal timber staircase

Bottom internal staircase.  The base section to be jettisoned, with the door to the garage bricked-in.  Hopefully the staircase can be retained and extended with a turn to the RHS with a new rail

Kitchenette (shown as laundry on plan).  Proposed to run a aluminium sink/bench along RHS and access water thru wall to shower/toilet in adjacent room.
 The existing window's width is 1880mm wide.  The existing lintel will accommodate a 2330mm high x 1080mm wide
new single hinged door which will open to new 9.2m x 3m balcony.  A single window 1100mm High x 800mm (approx) Wide will occupy the remainder of the existing cavity. 

Double glass sliding doors (to balcony) in cavity width of existing window

Old pic of external door which is being retained

Another pic of rumpus room

Ground floor laundry to be toilet and shower.  New sliding windows in existing cavity.



Double garage to be converted to bedrooms

New bedroom #3 in above and below pics.  the existing window in above pic is being replaced by a hopper window in top half with masonary on bottom half.  A similar hopper window is being installed in bedroom #4 below.



New bedroom #4    A hopper window same width as existing window in bedroom #3 is to be installed on southern wall of bedroom #4.