The Bullsheet   Muggs' 4th anti-clockwise midweek Tour de Wisemans Ferry  Ė  238km

Tues, 7 May '13          Berowra station carpark to Mt White, Peats Ridge, Spencer, Wisemanís Ferry - 101km

Wed, 8 May '13          Wisemanís Ferry, Sackville 'n back - 71km

Thurs, 9 May '13         Wisemanís Ferry, East Windsor, Cattai, Old Northern Rd, then -
                                  *      Berowra Water to Berowra station car park - 67km; or
                                  *      Galston Gorge, Hornsby - 65km

Ride will be deferred 24 hrs if the forecast weather for Tues is bad, but forecast to improve on Wed and beyond. 
Our booking of cabins at
NSW Ski Gardens will be contingent upon fine weather, so we can 'pull-the-pin' on Monday arvo if the pending weather sucks.

Reduce the ride length on Day 1 and Day 3 by driving our Sag Wagon part of the route

24 cyclists participated in Muggs' inaugural 3 day Tour de Wisemans Ferry in April '03 riding 180km

29 cyclists participated in Muggs' 2nd Tour de Wisemans Ferry in April '04 riding 229km

21 cyclists participated in Muggs' 3rd Tour de Wisemans Ferry in April '05 riding 252km

NSW Ski Gardens cabins

On Muggs anti-clockwise 4th Tour de Wisemanís Ferry loop, we are sleeping in cabins at NSW Ski Gardens - 4566.4212 on River Rd, 1.2km due West of the Wiseman's Ferry Inn.
It is a healthy walk home along River Rd from the Inn, which we have walked before.
Cabins with 2 per head cost $75 p/n = $37.50 each

Wiseman's Ferry Inn

We start (and finish) at Berowra station carpark, with option to catch 8:33am (or 8:46am) train from Hornsby to Berowra, arrive 8:46am (or 8:58am).

Day 1   Tuesday -  101km from Berowra station car park to Wisemans Ferry:

Commence by 9am after dumping your oínite bag and sleeping bag into our Sag Wagons - See heading "Sag Wagons" further below where each cyclist pays $10 to the TaxMan before putting their o'nite bag and sleeping bag into our Sag Wagon

  • 1st Nosh Stop after 24km at Mt White Road Warriors Cafe (30 min) from 10:30am to 11am,

  • 1st Sag Stop after 44km at Corrugated Cafe, Peats Ridge (10min) from 12:10pm to 12:20pm,  

  • 100m Nth of Corrugated Cafe, Left into George Downs Drive for 3km to Central Mangrove,

  • Left SW down Wisemans Ferry Rd, thru Mangrove Mtn, Lower Mangrove following the river 24km to Spencer for 2nd Nosh Stop after 72km (40 min) from 1:40pm to 2:20pm with choice of two adjoining cafes,

  • SW, then NW for 29km adjacent to the river via Gunderman, Laughtondale to Wisemans Ferry - 101km - ETR 4pm.

Day 2   Wednesday - 71km following the Hawkesbury River to Sackville, and return (the most scenic 71 clicks you'll ever pedal):

1st leg:  Wiseman's Ferry to Cliftonville  - 13.8km 

By 9am pedal SW along flattish River Road passing Webbs Creek Ferry on RHS offering marvellous Deliverance Country views with some short diversions into intriguing side-valleys.  After 13.8km pull in at Cliftonville Lodge Resort cafe for 1st Nosh Stop (40 min) offering panoramic views of the pristine Hawkesbury Cyclists wanting an easy 2nd day can turn around at Cliftonville for a lazy 27.6km ride.



2nd leg:  Cliftonville to the Gas station at Sackville - 22.8km

Continue along River Rd 8km to Lower Portland Ferry at junction of Colo River and cross to the West bank. 

Left into West Portland Rd for 14.20km in toto comprising:
After 100m is Start of 1.9km KOM Climb to "?". 

Thence ahead Sth for 10.7km to Bull Ridge Rd on RHS

Steep descent for 1km to Sackville Road 'T' intersection

Right for 500m to Sackville gas station for fish 'n chips, arriving around 12pm 2nd Nosh Stop (40 min) after 36.6km.



3rd leg:  Sackville to Cliftonville - 21.6km

Backtrack 1km to ferry.  RTA insists that cyclists walk their bikes onto ferry.  3.7km NE gradual climb up Sackville Ferry Rd.

Left into River Rd for 8km back to Lower Portland ferry, passing Dargle Ski Park.

Left into River Rd for 8m to Cliftonville Lodge Resort cafe for Sag Stop (10 min) arriving around 2pm (58.25km).


4th leg:  Cliftonville to Wiseman's Ferry - 13.7km

Backtrack 13.7km along River Rd to Wiseman's Ferry.  agg 71km  -  ETR 3:20pm.


NB: An embargo on visiting the Wiseman's Ferry Inn until 5pm, 'cause the precipitous climb out the next morn' ain't pleasant if you've got a skinful the night before.  We all remember the fragile faces on Day 2 of our last three annual Linger 'n Die rides after copious jars at the Wollombi Tavern being sociable with the locals.

Day 3   Thursday - Wiseman's Ferry to Hornsby (65km) or to Berowra (67km):


  • Sth down Wisemans Ferry Rd for 11km, commencing with a killer 2.5km climb to Hawkins Lookout,

  • R into Wisemans Ferry Rd [at Maroota - junction of Old Northern Rd - see our human Sign Post] and head SW for 5km arriving Stone House Cafe 4575.0155 Maroota Sth on RHS for 1st Nosh Stop (30 min),

  • continue SW another 15km thru Cornelia to Cattai for 1st Sag Stop (10 min) near junction of Halcrows Rd after 28km, 

  • L into Halcrows Rd [heading East] for about 8km which joins Cattai Ridge Rd;

  • Ahead along Cattai Ridge Rd a further 9km to Old Northern Rd for 2nd Sag Stop (10 min) at bus stand after turning Right into Old Northern Rd, then either -

  • 400m Sth down Old Northern Rd,

  • Left into Wylds Rd (for 2km) commencing with 500m steep descent and 700m climb and further 800m to Arcadia Rd,

  • Left on Arcadia Rd for 200m to Grumpy's Cafe for 2nd Nosh Stop after 47km (35 min) from 12:20pm to 12:55pm,

  • 9km N along Arcadia Rd thru Arcadia and Berrilee to Berowra Waters ferry,

  • 4km up Berowra Waters Rd to Berowra Park 3rSag Stop (10 min),

  • 2.5km NW along Berowra Waters Rd to Old Pacific H'way,

  • 300m L on Old Pacific Highway to Berowra station car park - ETR  2:30pm

           OR  TO HORNSBY

  • 3Ĺkm Sth down Old Northern Rd,

  • L into Mid Dural Rd for 1.6km E to roundabout

  • Ahead into Galston Rd 400m to Galston Park for 2nd Nosh Stop after 52km (35 min) from 12:30pm to 1:05pm,

  • 7.5km via Galston Gorge to familiar Hornsby Heights bus shelter 3rd Sag Stop (10 min) from 1:35am to 1:45am,

  • 3.1km along Galston Rd to Old Pacific H'way,

  • R for 1.5km to Hornsby station carpark - ETR Hornsby 2:15pm.

Accommodation on Tues and Wednesday nights at NSW Ski Gardens  2916 River Road, 2916 River Road, Wisemans Ferry - 4566.4212:
Tent sites are $6 per person plus $2 per tent.  If you are on your own it will cost $8 per night to pitch tent at NSW Ski Gardens, 2916 River Road
, Wiseman's Ferry Bank Teller has booked with Chris - 4566 4212 nine tent sites on a $50 holding deposit.  If you are a twosome, it will cost $14 per night 'in toto'.  So no need to book a tent site, just show up. 

Scribe will be inviting cyclists from ride groups in Newcastle and Windsor/Richmond/Kurrajong to join us camping at Wiseman's Ferry.


Din dins on Tues and Wed nights:

  • The Wisemanís Ferry Inn  4566.4301 ph.  Mick the Publican, and Toni/Cathy 4566.4739 provide a Bistro from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

  • Other cafes/restaurants in Wiseman's Ferry.

Below are a few handy hints from local knowledge provided by Steve Cooper who completed 2003 PBP and visited us for the 2004 Sunday ride:  

Sleeping bag:
Bed linen is not included, and costs an additional $11 p/h.  Hence, your trusty sleeping bag will "do the trick". 

Sag Wagons:
Publican has kindly offered his Ferrari "Ute" as one Sag Wagon.  It has Whippet's 3 bike rack on the back.  Each participant's "small o'nite bag", tent and sleeping bag went in one of the two Sag Wagons at Berowra station car park before 8:30am.  We are looking for a 2nd Sag Wagon.  Scribe's Mitsubishi Lancer is a back-up 2nd Sag Wagon if a car with a toe-bar 3 bike rack isn't forthcoming.

This year, before we commence from Berowra carpark, each Sag Wagon provider will receive $70 (made up from "$10 per head bag carrier fee" - only $8 if no tent) to cover wear 'n tear and gasoline.

Sag Wagon drivers and Volunteers thus far:

                                                               Sag Wagon            
Day 1
*   23km to Mt White                                   

*   21km to Peats Ridge                           Bank Teller                       
*   33km to Spencer                                      ???                              
*   30km to Wisemans Ferry                      Publican           


Day 3
*   16km to Stone House Cafe                        ???               

*   32km to Grumpy's Cafe                        Bank Teller                        

*   19km to Berowra car-park                     Publican                          







Some crew pack a cereal bowl, mug, 'n shooting irons, 'cause they don't fancy the 1.2km stroll to town for breakfast.









We venture into Deliverance Country where some of the locals have kept the race pure thru selective in-breeding.  Hence, there are a few strange RedNeck dudes frequenting the thoroughfares.  Some are powerful friendly, but a few think they own the roads, so it pays to keep well to LHS, and not ride two abreast, even if you are bored and want to while-away the hours squawking bulldust with a nearby cyclist. 
No cyclist should ever ride two abreast on a single lane road with an unbroken centre line.

"St Albans is a tiny village. Things 've slowed down some since the river silted-up.  The picturesque Settler's Arms pub is the main attraction and maybe a guest-house.  That's about it. They have meals but not sampled by me, possibly just frozen pies microwaved.  Off course there's the local specialities of Catfish, Crawdads 'n Pork Chittlins or Roadkill Combination (no two meals the same) on a Friday night but these are only available to those on intimate terms with the cook (ie her cousins, uncles etc).  For entertainment there's Elroy the amazing blind Banjo player and his famous bluegrass lament "I've only got one Gramma".  Some say his skill comes from having two extra fingers.  There's a bit more choice at Wisemans.  Reasonable bistro at the pub, plus another restaurant or two as well as the licensed club.

Map for Day 2 and early part of Day 3:

BankTeller -  16 Feb '13 (last updated)