Phil's ride from Moss Vale Village Caravan Park:
S/W via Exeter to Bundanoon.  Re partially different route, again via Exeter - 41.9km

From Moss Vale south 14km to Exeter, further south 6km to Bundanoon.  Return 6km to Exeter, thence 14km back to Moss Vale Village Park

          sharp left onto Willow Drive                                 0.2 km

          right onto Mann Crescent                                    0.4 km

          left onto Argyle Street, A48                                  0.8 km

          right onto Spring Street                                        1.0 km

          at roundabout, take exit 3 onto Throsby St          1.3 km

          right onto Mount Broughton Rd                            3.6 km

          sharp left onto Greenhills Road                           6.9 km

          right onto Stonequarry Creek Road                     7.1 km

          right onto Rockleigh Road                                  10.3 km

          left onto Ringwood Road                                    13.2 km

          right onto Badgerys Way                                    13.6 km

          left onto Exeter Road                                          13.9 km

          right onto Badgerys Way                                    14.1 km

          right onto Ringwood Road                                  14.4 km

          left onto Bundanoon Road                                  17.1 km

          left onto Rosenthal Avenue                                 20.0 km

          right onto Broughton Street                                 20.2 km

          right onto William Street                                      20.5 km

          left onto Railway Avenue                                     20.8 km

          right                                                                      21.2 km

          right                                                                      21.3 km

          slight right onto Ellsmore Road                           21.3 km

          left onto Ellsmore Road                                       22.6 km

          right onto Middle Road                                         26.9 km

          left onto Exeter Road                                           28.0 km

          right onto Badgerys Way                                     28.0 km

          left onto Ringwood Road                                     28.3 km

          right onto Rockleigh Road                                   28.7 km

          left onto Stonequarry Creek Road                       31.6 km

          Keep left onto Stonequarry Creek Road              32.3 km

          left onto Greenhills Road                                      34.8 km

          sharp right onto Mount Broughton Rd                  35.0 km

          left onto Yarrawa Road                                         38.3 km

          at roundabout, take exit 1 onto Spring St             40.6 km

          left onto Argyle Street, A48                                   41.0 km

          right onto Yarrawa Street                                      41.1 km

          left onto Willow Drive                                            41.6 km

          sharp right                                                             41.7 km

          right                                                                       41.8 km

          left                                                                         41.9 km