Phil's ride from Moss Vale Village Caravan Park:
Clockwise via Burradoo, Kangaloon Rd, Glenquarry, Sheepwash Rd, return Illawarra H'way - 40.2km

From Moss Vale N/E along Argyle St to Burradoo for 12.8km, Right into Kangaloon Rd for 10.6km, Ahead into Sheepwash Rd, Right into Walkers Rd for 3.1km, Left into Illawarra H'way for 12km back to Moss Vale Village, 1km back to camp ground

         left onto Argyle Street, A48                                           0.5 km

         right onto Willow Drive                                                   0.6 km

         right onto Mann Crescent                                              0.8 km

         left onto Browley Street                                                 1.1 km

         Continue onto Browley Street                                       1.1 km

         sharp right onto Waite Street                                        1.6 km

         left onto Argyle Street, A48                                           1.9 km

         At roundabout, take exit 2 onto Argyle St                    3.2 km

         sharp right onto Cecil Hoskins Access Rd                  5.5 km

         Continue onto Bong Bong Cycleway                            5.7 km

         left onto Cecil Hoskins Access Road                           6.7 km

         right onto Moss Vale Road                                            6.7 km

         right onto Eridge Park Road                                          8.5 km

         At roundabout take exit 3 onto Kangaloon Rd           11.8 km

         At roundabout take exit 2 onto Kangaloon Rd           12.9 km

         slight left onto Kangaloon Rd                                       13.0 km

         At roundabout take exit 2 onto Sheepwash Rd          23.6 km

         right onto Walkers Road                                               25.2 km

         left onto Illawarra Highway                                            28.4 km

         right onto Fitzroy Road                                                  35.2 km

         left onto Robertson Road, A48                                     35.2 km

         left onto Young Rd                                                          35.7 km

         right onto Narellan Road                                                36.1 km

         At roundabout, take exit 2 onto Valetta St                    37.4 km

         At roundabout, take exit 3 onto Elizabeth St                37.6 km

         At roundabout, take exit 2 onto Kirkham St                 38.1 km

         right onto Argyle Street, A48                                         38.2 km

         left onto Railway Street                                                  38.7 km

         right onto Spring Street                                                  39.0 km

         left onto Argyle Street, A48                                            39.3 km

         left onto Argyle Street, A48                                            39.7 km

         right onto Willow Drive                                                    39.9 km

         Keep left                                                                           40.2 km