Chris' anti-C/W ride from Moss Vale Village Caravan Park via Fitzroy Falls, Robertson Village, Robertson Pie Shop, East Kangaloon, Avoca - 83.3km

S.E. along Yarrawa Rd and Nowra Rd for 18.7km to Fitzroy Falls.  Continue S.E. on Nowra Rd for 1.5km.  Left N.E. along Myra Vale Rd for 7.7km.  Right S.E. along Belmore Falls Rd for 5km to Belmore Falls.   E. Nth E. then Nth along Belmore Falls Rd for 8km to Robertson Village Township for Brunch at the Old Cheese Factory.  Right into South St. for 260m.  Left into Meryla St. for 270m  Right along Illawarra H'way for 3km to pass Robertson Pie Shop.  Ahead Nth along Illawarra H'way for 3.1km.  Left into Tourist Rd for 11.7km.  Sth down Kangaloon Rd for 5.8km to Avoca.  Right West on Illawarra H'way for 12km to Moss Vale.

Route can be shortened by approx 15km by cycling NNE from Robertson Village Township along Kangaloon Rd, but you need low gears, 'cause some steep climbs.
It can also be listed on another day as a C/W route descending Kangaloon Rd to Robertson Village Township.