Notorious West Head Blackspot

A welter of traffic signs to drive or cycle slowly over the 450 metres of 'one way' road which has a appalling history of serious trauma accidents  -  inexplicably a 60km p/h speed sign is unthinkingly squeezed within these caution 'drive slowly' speed signs

A Red 'Reduce Speed' sign appears about 120 metres before the start of the 'one way road' loop to/from the West Head Lookout.
The below Yellow 35km veer left sign is vaguely apparent in the above picture

The above 35km p/h 'veer left' sign is approx 70 metres after the above Red 'Reduce Speed' sign

The above white 'left way only' sign is only 60 metres after the above 'veer left' 35km p/h yellow sign

Incomprehensibly, the above 60km p/h sign is positioned about 100 metres after the start of the 'one way' road on a narrow decent approaching a corner with insufficient camber.  Neither a car, motor bike or bicycle should be accelerating from 35km p/h to 60km p/h on this descent

Approx. 100 metres after the above 60km p/h speed sign is a second 35km p/h speed sign

Why would RMS (nee RTA) have a 60km p/h sign on the final descent to the West Head Lookout followed approx 100 metres later by a 35km p/h yellow sign when the below 'poorly cambered corner' has evidenced a welter of push bikes and motor bikes Come a Cropper - all too often with disastrous injuries?  One cyclist, Johnnie Blampied, spent three months in a coma after coming off at this infamous Blackspot on 3 Sept. 2003

The above two pictures show evidence of trauma collisions at this patent Blackspot where too many inexperienced road cyclists have suffered a collision

Approx 250 metres after the 60km p/h sign is the above 15km p/h sign

Above three pics taken at the West Head Lookout

Bank Teller   15 Dec '14