Ride Organiser means a volunteer Cyclist who -

(i)         possesses an infectious enthusiasm for the benefits of regular, rigorous cycling;

(ii)        is familiar with various ride routes and any dangers on those routes;

(iii)       provides a Ride Description which also provides a Risk Warning of any Inherent Risks associated with cycling, but also Obvious Risks and Foreseeable, Non-Obvious, Explicit Risks, collectively Three Types Of Risks, in the particular Ride Description;

(iv)       is not motivated by pecuniary return because there isn't any; and

(v)        understands laws associated professional indemnity and public liability risks necessary to prepare Risk Warnings and a Ride Participant Liability Acknowledgement in order to mitigate accidents and litigation when a volunteer invites members of the public to participate in a RREA which may involve risks that many members of the public are unaware of - in NSW Civil Liability Amendment (Personal Responsibility) Act 2002 No 92, in particular "Division 5 Recreational Activities", as explained in Civil Liabilities Acts 2002.