Two other examples of large health system costs from a cyclist experiencing a trauma fall on 'open roads' amongst Muggaccinos cyclists that do not Bunch Ride

  • On Tues 1 May 2012, David aka MountainGoat was hit by a motorist whilst cycle commuting home from work. David suffered concussion, a  have a broken wrist, bruises, abrasions and a sore head.  David experienced complications from his concussion almost 3 months after his bike accident.  In late July he started to lose balance to the left and had loss of feeling in his left arm.  He had a brain scan which showed a massive 'chronic subdural hematoma' in his right brain hemisphere which was operated on shortly after (early Aug '12) which was successful, although he can't ride for a while.

  • In 2010, Rex aka MediaMan, suffered almost the same trauma injury as David aka MountainGoat, which also necessitated brain surgery to relieve a 'chronic subdural hematoma'.  Rex was cycling a few weeks after his fall (which did not involve a motor car) and became disoriented.  A motorist noticed Rex in a dazed state and took him to Hornsby Hospital as explained in the recent Hornsby Advocate article  "Cyclist looking for his saviour."